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Hello BMérs 

I built this one earlier this year as a review for "The Modelling News". I hope it's ok to share some pics of the finished product here as well.


This is the Eduard 1/48 Limited Edition release.  I added even more Brassin goodies from the separate Harrier update set ( Terma Pod, Sniper pod, resin exhausts). Paveway IV UK bombs from L'arsenal and decals for ZD404 Lucy from the Model Alliance War on Terror sheet.

Resin FOD gaurds from Steel Beach and a few other bits and bobs.


























Thanks for looking.

Andrew P.

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Stunning GR-7A. Excellent photographs.

Unbelievable the UKGOV.  did away with this aircraft.

Regards, Orion/The Netherlands.

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That must be of the best looking Harriers I have ever seen! Amazing finish and love the bright covers in the intakes!



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Excellent model and probably the best representation of the Harrier's intake blanks that I've seen in model form: how did you make and finish them ?

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Thank you all again. The FOD covers sure seem to be a hit which is great. I wanted something to add a pop of colour. They are a ready made item from Steel Beach resin and are marketed for the Hasegawa AV-8 but it's the same intake. I got mine from Sprue Bros in the US. I primed with white primer and added strips of tape for the reflective white stripes. Painted a bright orange them removed the tape strips to show the White. The black handles are just black decal. A messy wash made them look used.

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