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HMAS Adelaide and HMAS Parramatta 1/700 scale

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G'day alll. 

Been a while since a I posted but I have been busy. 

Just finished these two lovely ladies for a friend who served on both ships.

This the Orange Hobby HMAS Canberra kit built as her sister HMAS Adelaide with decals from Custom Hobby decals and Dodo Models absolutely lovely little kit of the Anzac class frigates.

They are not perfect builds but I am really happy with how they finished up. I upgraded my lighting and tools in the work area before I tackled the Anzac and gee it made such a difference to what I can do. 

So anyway sorry lots of photos





















Hope you like what I have finished up with 

thanks for looking 



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Those are really nice Callum, I especially like your Paramatta, the closer in the photo, the better it looks, the amount of detail on her is exquisite, no more than I'd have expected from you though. :) Nice to see another of you dios.


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Thanks for the comments gents. glad you like my little dio and yes my mate loves it and can't wait to get it and I can't wait to get my new TV I will be buying with the proceeds. 

I'm still doing my water the same as I worked out with my wreck of Cerberus build way back when, except I used cotton wool for the white water on this after watching a video a couple of weeks ago on how to do it on Facebook.

Can I talk Anzacs? For me its the Anzac I'm in love with and her little warry turn.

This is my third Anzac and second Dodo version.

My first Anzac was the 3d printed version I dressed up as HMAS PERTH post ASMD upgrade. 

I'm happy how it came out and it inspired the current existence of the proper kit so everything in its place

My first Dodo Anzac I built wasn't very good. I rushed it, I was having a lot of trouble seeing the parts and not bothering with alot of the smaller parts so HMAS Arunta postmod didn't come out nice and looked very bland 








Thats when I decided to upgrade the lighting and work area and not rush things and it made such a difference to Parramatta. There is still a couple of rough spots but mostly things are just so much neater and I am looking forward to now finishing the Hobart class AWD I stalled on because of the fineness of the PE in that. 

Heres Parra before a coat of paint out of interest. 


 And if anyones building the premod kit the three scuttles below the bridge  on the port side shouldn't be there, they are only on the std side for the Wardroom. guess when I found out about that? Twas interesting to fix 



So adventures with Anzacs. as a bonus someone was keen to swap the built Arunta for an unbuilt kit so I still have another 4 postmods to do for my FBW diorama. This has been on hold with the commission work but I just have one more model for someone else and then its on to my big mumma

Out of interest to RN fans the next one is the Bay class from Models Atlantics I'm build as HMAS Choules.

Rough as guts kit but hopefully I can make a silk purse from a sows ear 

Once again thanks for the comments and looking and sorry about the waffle :)

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Hello Callum,

Outstanding result in this 1/700 sea diorama. The finish on your "HMAS Parramatta" is real craftsmanship on this small scale. The setting and colors of the deep blue sea is very convincing.

Highest Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.



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Thanks for the further comments guys. My mate is hanging out to get his hands on it. Still have to run the gauntlet of delivery yet fingers crossed it gets there in one piece 

PaulE If you are on Facebook there is a really good walk around of the Post Mod Anzac which will help you figure out where alot of the little pe parts that aren't mentioned in the instructions go. These pics are for Perth though and there are differences but even if you are building a premod these pics are really handy.

 Hope that helps 


So thanks once again and yes I'm all good Neil thanks mate :)


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Thanks Callum,

I'm intending to do a pre-mod ANZAC although I'm not sure whether to do HMAS Arunta on which I spent a day at sea when I was deployed in Persian Gulf or to do a RNZN ship. I have to build a model of HMNZS Aotearoa and I think it would look good refuelling an ANZAC alongside. 

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No worries Paul, these photos will work for the pe detail along the sides of the superstructure on the pre mod. 


A couple of notes for you. 

The  aft mast structure thing.

I had no idea how the pe sturcture was suppose to go together so emailed James at Dodo and this is the build sequence


" The building sequence is D15->D19->D17, D14,->D13. That will be much easier if you build it from the bottom up

D15 should be placed before and below D19. It does not require any fold. D17 will need to be folded and placed under D15. It is the supporting structure below D15"


I have already mentioned that the kit comes with 3 scuttles along each side below the bridge. They should only be on the starboard side for the Wardroom so the port 3 will need filling in.  


Would be great to see a couple of Kiwi ships. Only issue I could see would be the availability of the correct style hull numbers and Kiwi bird badge for the funnels. I seem to have an idea that the hull numbers are RN style but could be wrong. Hawk graphics do the Kiwi bird but are hard to get hold of. 


Hope that helps :)

Cheers Cal

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Thanks for the further comments guys.

The dio has now arrived safe ans sound at its new home. 

On 9/17/2017 at 2:27 AM, armored76 said:

Superb builds! Really great!


May I ask for a link of the Facebook video you mentioned, in case you can still find it? Thanks!

I tried to find it again for you but couldn't sorry. it was just one that randomly came up on my page. 


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