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I'd like to add another entry to this GB - the new AMK 1/72 Kfir C2/C7. This delightfully-moulded kit comes with parts for two versions and markings for numerous operators, including an aircraft flown by the Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC), N401AX. This, or something similar, is what I've chosen as the subject for this build; I'm actually inclined to build a slightly different jet, N404AX (photo by James Geer 2011, on Flickr), because of its nifty blue colour scheme, but I'll worry about the final choice later.


Here are some shots of the box/sprues/contents:












I haven't started the kit as yet, preferring to concentrate on the two Special Hobby Mirage F1 kits progressing in parallel elsewhere in this GB, but this Kfir looks to be a very, very nice kit of this attractive Mirage variant and I'm keen to make a start.



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Mine's on a slow boat from China, so I'll be watching this with interest and picking up some hints and tips.


Got some Aztec stickers on the way for mine though...   ...it's not like I'm eagerly anticipating this kit or anything.

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Good afternoon Andrew

 Im looking forward to see the beginning of your build as I might build mine for this Gb too ..

Best regards


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Thanks for your interest. I've made a start with the cockpit and nosewheel bay (because the two are built upon a common piece), as well as the main gear bay (because I just wanted to glue the bits together). The two undercarriage bays are easily the most detailed of any Mirage kit in this scale, thanks no doubt to the separate pieces; the cockpit is lovely just as is, and arguably doesn't need anything additional to be a convincing rendition of the Kfir cockpit.


In this photo, the cockpit/nosewheel bay has been assembled and press-fit into the fuselage for priming of the two; there is a fair bit of friction and I suspect that when I actually glue this in place it will be after a little bit more filing/sanding... The wings have also been press-fit on the fuselage after I taped the upper wing halves to the lower wing piece, this having had the main gear bay taped into its place - there is a very solid feel and a sense of good engineering to all of these bits; it just feels like it wants to go together easily.








undercarriage doors, intake parts and turbine face items also ready for priming...




and primed.








Some grey was thrown at the cockpit:




and some glossy off-white was thrown at the undercarriage bays/doors/intakes:












I'll finish painting the cockpit next and then get it installed permanently into the fuselage.




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Great progress so far Andrew, looking forward to getting my sticky mitts on one of these, everything I've seen from your posts is very encouraging.


I had some Aztec decals arrive yesterday with options for C10's and C12's, I know about C2's and C7's but nothing about these later versions, superficially they look the same to me so I'm wondering what I need to do to make a C10/12?

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I haven't seen this kit before Andrew. This build is very interesting, it looks like it's going together very well.


Nice modelling :thumbsup2: 


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I'm making progress with the Kfir in fits and starts, and it's an enjoyable kit to work on.


The cockpit was painted and installed in the cockpit (some removal of material was neccesary - the fit is definitely of the 'no tolerance' variety); the cockpit/nosewheel insert locates quite positively with the help of spacers and recesses in the fuselage halves. I also glued the upper wings to the lower wing piece, having first separated the elevons and pitch dampers from the lower wing at the hinge line. This meant that I had to re-establish lost plastic on those pieces with some fairly substantial stock (old flat sprue mainly) and then fill and clean same. I'll reattach the flying surfaces at a drooped angle in the near future.






The wings and intakes have gone on with minimal fuss; the only real area of concern was the interaction of the forward part of the lower wing surface with the corresponding point of the fuselage (especially where the reverse side of the gun troughs meet the inner wall of the intakes). I ignored my instincts and followed the instructions to add the outer portion of the intakes last; this was the correct decision and I'm happy with the result:




Since that last photo was taken I've glued the radome halves together, as well as the centreline tank and some small sundry bits and pieces. Of course, because I was enjoying the process of gluing bits together so much, I forgot to add any weight to the radome cavity before joining the halves. Just tonight I've made a generous opening in the back of the radome and filled it with a mixture of epoxy glue and lead shot, which should be more than ample. No photos of that latest faux pas though, I'm sorry.


Thanks for looking.

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Looks great!

Faux pas like this always happen....

But at least yours will not ba a tailsitter as many others tugn out to be in the end ;)



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As others have said this is looking very good. I think almost all of us has left weight out of a model at some time, but as you say it is usually easily overcome

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Not much to show in this update, but the radome is on, as is the aft end of the rear underside fairing. I think I've taken care of the worst gaps around the airframe (not that there was anything of major concern) and I'm just left with a smattering of painted Tamiya putty soup to clean up. Overall, I continue to be pleased with the kit's detail and fit.






cheers for now,



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I'm getting closer and closer to applying some primer to this baby...


Elevons, pitch dampers and their actuators are on, as are the canards and the numerous auxiliary intakes (many of which consist of two pieces, just to achieve a particular feature of the inlets - great attention to detail by AMK!), as well as other detail bits. I've also assembled the centreline supersonic tank (what I think is known as the RP825) which AMK thoughtfully provide and I've worked on the centreline pylon to which the tank will attach - the assumption is that the builder will add Israeli chaff / flare dispensers to this pylon, but these are not relevant to the ATAC jets, so I've had to fill the mounting slots. No problem.








Nearly time to add the canopy and mask in preparation for primification. Mmmmm, priming.


Does it show that I'm keen to apply paint?


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10 hours ago, Andrew said:


Does it show that I'm keen to apply paint?


Not at all :wink:


It looks like a very trouble free build?

This kit goes very high up in my impending pile then...


Great work on that little delta!

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Progress on this lovely little kit has slowed over recent weeks as I devoted scarce time to my Mirage F1 builds (q.v. elsewhere this GB), but I have finally primed the jet in a pleasant shade of (very) matt dark grey and painted the radome black in preparation for masking off and application of the airframe colours.




The tanks and pylons have been painted a nice light grey (simples) and I haven't forgotten to prime the undercarriage doors either.




The observant will have noticed that I haven't installed the gorgeous Master brass pitot yet. Trust me, that's very deliberate (q.v. the two Mirage F1s).


Thanks for stopping by.



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This kit got a lot of people interested in my part of the world. 


Looking good old and I hope to see yours done up soon. Like what you doing with it so far....



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