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AML-90 French Light Armoured Car - 1:35 Takom

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AML-90 French Light Armoured Car
1:35 Takom




The AML-90 was designed from the original AML-245 specification by Panhard originally being designated the AML-245C. The main feature of this model is the DEFA D921 low pressure 90mm gun. The gun was specifically designed for light vehicles (<10 Tonnes), This made the AML-90 well armed in proportion to its weight. The gun has shallow rifling and coupled with fin stabilised rounds gives a an improved range, however the low muzzle velocity does only favour close combat. Combat in the South African border Wars, and The Six Day War would show the AML-90 was out ranged by older T-34/85 and M48 Patton tanks.  Optical fire control, and no power assist on the turret traverse also hampered operations. Even given these factors the AML-90 is capable of destroying older main battle tanks. A Libyan T-62 was reported destroyed in the Toyota War (Libyan/Chad border conflict of 1987).

The Kit
This is a welcome new tool from Takom who seem to be on a mission to bring us less mainstream vehicles. It is an addition to the Takom AML-60 kit as both vehicles use the same AML-245 chassis (the two kits sharing 3 common sprues & the lower hull). The kit arrives on 4 main sprues, a small clear sprue, 5 rubber tyres, a lower hull part, and the turret. All of the parts are up to Takom's usual standard. The kit does not feature an interior. Of note are the instructions (which I dont normally mention), it seems Takom have shrunk their normal A4 instructions down to A5 to fint in the box, and this had made them harder to read. Construction starts with the lower hull. The rear of the car is attached to the hull along with additional side parts the rear frame and the main side door. The rear wheel housing and suspension components and springs are also added. Additional handles and smaller parts are also added at this stage.




The front suspension components are then built up and added to the lower hull. Followed by the wheel housing and their suspension components. The wheels can then be built up. These consist of five plastic components for each wheel in addition to the tyres. The upper hull deck can then be added to the lower hull. Tools and periscopes are added at this stage., along with a sand channel and other parts which I suspect a lot of modellers will leave off until the end.




Next the turret is built up from the main part with the hatches, tools and other ancillary parts being added. This turret is much larger than the AML-60. The lower and upper parts are put together with the gun mantlet being added between the two. The hatches, other lights and smoke dischargers are added along with the rear turret bin. the 90mm gun is then made up and added.  The completed turret can then be added to the hull.





There are 5 options included with the kit, and are featured on the coloured artwork.


  • Argentinian Army - Falklands War 1982 (Green/brown camo)
  • French Army - (Green / sand camo)
  • Israeli Defence Forces (overall sand grey)
  • Iraqi Army - Kuwait 1991 (overall sand)
  • Lebanese Army Special Forces - 2012 (4 colour camo)


This is welcome new tool from Takom of Armoured Car which was used by the Armies of many nations around the world. No doubt the aftermarket producers will do decals and probably a full interior at some point.

Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of
logo.gifUK Distributors for logo.gif

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Thanks again, Julien

29 minutes ago, Julien said:

Optical fire control

What optical fire control?


Chadian soldiers used to aim by looking down the barrel!


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I think they mean optical telescope sight with manually applied range and aim off

Edited by dcrfan

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I think our French friend was making a joke :D


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I've just received this kitset that I plan to convert to a Rhodesian Eland 90 configuration. The new engine decks require a little work but the rest are just minor detail changes.  The only thing I'm not sure how to do is to change the tyres from the supplied Michelins to the Dunlop Trak Grip tyres used on Eland.  I purchased Mirror Models Dunlop 9 x 16 wheels which have the correct tread and should be the right size but they are significantly smaller both in diameter and cross-section.


24480639297_a02c8e0644_z.jpgIMG_0584 by tankienz, on Flickr


24480639527_cef9d37ba2_z.jpgIMG_0583 by tankienz, on Flickr


Anyone have any ideas?

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I think the kit wheels are wrong. I got new wheels from Azimut in France. I met the owner at Telford and he said the kit wheels were wrong,



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Your response reminded me I had Bradford Collection 1/35th plan of Eland Mk 5.  


39327821792_7bbe9a29c9_z.jpgIMG_0587 by tankienz, on Flickr


The Dunlop tyre definitely matches the size shown in the plan for both diameter and cross-section mind you I have no way of verifying the accuracy of the plan. I say this as placing the Takom hull and turret shells on the plan identified numerous descrpancies. Which is right?

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