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Mirage III CJ Israeli Air Force - Eduard 1/48... finally done!

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Good night to all!


here the last birth directly from my workbench... an israeli Mirage III CJ!

Base kit is the Eduard, but I used the resin set for cockpit and wheel bays from SBM. Other details are from Eduard photoetched set, pitot from Master. 

For the natural metal finish I used the Aclad Lacquers and Mr.Paint semi gloss for the final coat. The decals are a mix from the kit and Isradecal set.


Hope you'll enjoy. Cheers from Rome, Italy! :bye:


35989361770_9d7fdcae7d_b.jpgMirage_End 20

by valerio, su Flickr


18 by valerio, su Flickr


d 19 by valerio, su Flickr


End 17 by valerio, su Flickr


End 16 by valerio, su Flickr


d 15 by valerio, su Flickr


nd 14 by valerio, su Flickr


_End 13 by valerio, su Flickr

ge_End 12 by valerio, su Flickr


_End 11 by valerio, su Flickr


nd 10 by valerio, su Flickr

35989362860_6b3a908f02_b.jpgMirage_End 9 by valerio, su Flickr

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That is simply one excellent and flawless finish.

An amazing build of probably the best looking aircraft ever produced.

Congratulations - this now sets the bench mark for NMF I think!


Cheers.. Dave

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Hello Valerio,

Very nice NMF, you did the lady justice.

Pretty good and tidy job Congratulations :yes:



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As others have already mentioned, the aircraft has a flawless finish. But what I want to complement you on is the photography. It isn't easy to capture models the way you have. The resulting photos really bring the aircraft to life.

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Wow - just great. You nailed it. The best looking jet ever and you did it justice. The only thing to make it look better? Swiss Air force version ;-)




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Thank you to all for your appreciations! it's always a pleasure taking so much compliments. :D


Some other pictures of the model:


36217932862_2f9d915ba1_b.jpgMirage_End 8 by valerio, su Flickr


36217934682_8eb8dc72f7_b.jpgMirage_End 7 by valerio, su Flickr


35989363180_ab22812269_b.jpgMirage_End 6 by valerio, su Flickr


36217935152_ba3aab9b58_b.jpgMirage_End 5 by valerio, su Flickr


35989363660_efb17f0e0e_b.jpgMirage_End 24 by valerio, su Flickr


35989364220_1141b07021_b.jpgMirage_End 23 by valerio, su Flickr


36217935622_1cb4d34655_b.jpgMirage_End 22 by valerio, su Flickr


36206835482_001ed601da_b.jpgMirage_End 2 by valerio, su Flickr


36375023005_51ee09aeb4_b.jpgMirage_End 1 by valerio, su Flickr


36206835672_c79b60b23d_b.jpgMirage_End 4 by valerio, su Flickr


36375023165_51ee09aeb4_b.jpgMirage_End 3 by valerio, su Flickr



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