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Academy 1/48 P-47N Thunderbolt

Christer A

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My contribution to this GB will be this one:


The part count is quite low, the amount of detailing is so-so, inching over to bad, so I hope atleast that the kit compensates for that and is easy to assemble.

Here are the parts:



Cockpit looks quite ok





I'll also add some AM parts


Not all etch parts will be used I guess, but I can atleast to the critical bits.

Since it' an old Academy-kit the decals are rubbish, som those have been ditched, in favor for this:



Work has started, but no photos yet!

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Thanks Cliff!

Yeah, these old Academy kits really needs other decals.

I made a start during this weekend and actually got the cockpit "done"


Since the rear of the instrument panel is visible from the outside I decided to add a few wires for intererest.

The huge gunsight will probably cover most of it, but it's there anyway.

With that done, I decided to just smack the fuselage together, damn all consequences!


Let's see if I can keep up this speed or not =)

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Well, the speed seems to be maintained :smile:

All glass in the under side of the wings got installed, with some kitchen foil for backing to simulate the reflectors.
It didn't take too long before the wing was mated to the fuselage.
Main wheeelhouses were painted Tamiya XF-4 for Yellow Zink Primer and also recieved a small wash.
Here you can see one area where the kit suffers. The gills are molded closed and the exhaust has a lid on it. Should that be opened?

The Thud is a big brute all right:
While waiting for the joins, filler and whatnot to harden it's time to ponder the next step.

Modelling or oiling the kitchen table?

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Hello Christer !

Beeeep Beeeep !

You will almost finish before I finished mine :rofl:

The panel that stand proud on the fuselage is a mistake from Academy, they are present ! but flush with the wing.

In Détails and Scales, they told that the rear  of the Dashboard is not visible...

Just be carefull with the rocket stubs, look at the version you choose to depict.

The -5 and -10 did'nt have it, seemingly some -10 have the stub retrofitted but not sure...

And the engine is not the good one for a -N or -M, that's why I changed it.

Nice job and fast !!!

I like to compare the P-47 beside the MiG-3 or a -109, You(re right, that's a beast !!

Congratulations !:worthy:



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Thanks CC!

I'll nick a Hamilton Standard prop from my Tamiya Razorback since Academy only has smaller ones. The engine is very bad, but I'm not in the mood to correct it or order a replacement. Hopfully a wider prop will hide most of the engine :angel:

It is probably so that the cockpit is completely wrong too. Corrugated flooring, visible rear side dashboard and so on. I'll save the effort to my Tamiya and Hasegawa T-bolts, I promise!


Rocket stubs is a tricky one. I was going to say that the serial indicates Red-E Ruth to be a P-47N-5-RE , but I must have read something wrong somewhere, becase the serial is 44-88020 which makes it an P-47N-1-RE which means that the stubs have to go.

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