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Revell Star Trek TOS USS Enterprise Build- My 1st

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Hi Everyone

Welcome to my first build. This is to be more to be precise my first build of this type. I am currently doing the Eaglemoss Delorean and the Deagostini R2D2. These though do not require much modification and are partworks . I decided to do this model to generally learn the art form  , so expect a lot of mess ups and experimentation . I am not the sensitive type so  please feel free to Laugh and poke fun at what I am doing. Criticise as much as you want . However if you can also find it in your heart to give some constructive suggestions that would be fantastic. Please have fun. My intention is to learn the skills need edto do the 1/350 polar lights Trek Models. This is a practice as I would love to to do those to a very high standard. I gained a lot of inspiration from Smiffy's build of the same model I am doing.


Very impressive work. Please don't expect work of that quantity from me at this stage . I am doing mine a little different.  I do want panel lines on the model but painted on . so I an going to have to use the filler rough too . I will however try to make the best model I can . I am a Trekkie but I also love Star Wars and other franchises. 


So Welcome to my First Ever ' Non Partworks' Build























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Hi Viz,

I built this exact model not so long ago, you can see some of my (quite nasty) mistakes on the post below. The kit isn't 100% accurate to the series, but I decided not to worry about that and just have fun learning. I also need to post my finished photos in the 'Ready for Inspection' forum sometime as I keep putting it off. The model was fun though and I learned a lot :)


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