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Airfix Stuka Ju87B1 artwork - idle query!

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Dear all,

Am just cracking open the 1/72 Airfix Stuka Ju87 B1 for my annual Battle of Britain project, and was looking at the very effective box-art. It appears to be over England, and there's a 43 sqn Hurricane lurking in the distance; does anyone know if this artwork tied to a specific raid or action/date? I did think it might be the 18th August raids over the Solent, Ford etc bearing in mind the backdrop and the location of  43 sqn etc but I don't think the supplied markings  are for the right unit. My books say it was St.G77, where as the the airfix box says St.G 55, which I don't think actually existed? Other sources say the decals are for StG1, which wasn't involved in the 18th August raids to the best of my knowledge. Anyhow, if any one rather more knowledgeable has any thoughts, I'd be all ears!

Best, Paul



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