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Hello all trying to salvage an early build of mine. The kit is the reboxing of the Revell mk IIa i replaced the cockpit,landing gear, and propeller when i built the kit. However the Paint is horrible as at the time i was only able to use rattle-cans. And the colors weren't a good match for the DFS. Recently i oversprayed a RAF Dk green on it. Just not sure if i should go with Dk earth or ocean grey ? Its an early spitfire mk IIa. Now if my memory is ok theres not much difference between a Mk Ia & Mk IIa visually. And i was thinking of making either a B.o.B. Mk IIa or a lend lease. Did the russians get early mk's or nothing until the mk V. I cant seem to find photo's of early Mk's in russian markings. I really would love to do a Dk. Green Dk. Earth scheme. So will most likely wind up doing a B.o.B. Scheme.  Im not a rivet counting builder type so i can fudge it a little. However I at least like my models to be plausible. If anyone can answer the Russian ? And if there is any major Differences visually between a Mk Ia & IIa would be very greatful. 



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AFAIK the  Soviet got Vb's , and later on, Mk.IX's

They  also got a few, maybe 4,   PR.IV's

So, no.  All  in Day Fighter Scheme too.(apart  from the PR.IV's)

There are threads on VVS Spitfires on Sovietwarplanes






there are more


Major visual differences between a late Mk.Ia and a IIa are  different prop,  De Havilland on Mk.I



and Rotol on Mk.II, the II also has a bulges behind the spinner for the coffman starter. for  the Merlin XII engine.




the prop is the same one used on most  BoB Hurricanes BTW.






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From  SAM Publications in Soviet Union was:

- 1,188 Mk IXs
-     143 Mk Vs
and two PR Mk IVs


In the Russian resource:








it is mentioned that Russians examined Spitfire in August, 1941 on one of the English air bases (Iran?) and could even do some flying on it. Despite requests for deliveries, them by the English side it was refused as Spitfire sharply wasn't enough in England.
The Russian sources consider that they officially the first Spitfire delivered to the Soviet Union are PR.IV then already V and afterwards IX.
In too time, there is a delivery precedent on Aircobra lend-lease without any documentation found just in one of containers at the very beginning of deliveries on a lend-lease. It is hypothetically possible that thus also early Spitfire I or II could receive the USSR, but no data on it were published. And chances of such hypothetical case are awfully small.




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