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Ratch's 1/72 (1/76) Napoleonics

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These are HäT 8014 Napoleonic King’s German Legion Light Dragoons 1811 – 1815 as 1st Light Dragoons, King's German Legion, supplemented with two figures from Italeri 6094 British Light Cavalry 1815 to make the 14 figures I require.










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Looks great - will this become a diorama or are you war-gaming?

I'm asking because I noticed you did not use primer/basecoat on the figurines.

In my experience the paint flakes off easily from unpainted figurines when handled, as the plastic is rather soft.

And you seem to have great brushpainting skills!


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Thanks Roman, I've had mixed results with priming and without. Sometimes the paint flakes and sometimes it doesn't, either with or without primer. I'm mounting them for wargaming and hopefully this will help protect the figures too.

I forgot to take a picture of the brown brickwork before adding the whitewash...










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Been roofing...




And painting the Wills farmyard pieces




I can't resist a little preview









I was going to cut a piece of wood to mount this on, but visiting my shed I found a piece, only slightly larger than the size I was going to cut, so, waste not, want not,,,




I have used PVA to fix the building and for the ground scatter. I've used dried tea-leaves for the ground cover...








I've also drilled a couple of holes to mount trees into

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Thank-you gents. This has been going slowly


I used poster paints to prime the base



A mixture of washes and weathering powders on the road



A couple of trees added

More to come

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Ground cover


using a large variety of railway scenic scatters


some scenic materials I've had for over 30 years


Natural detritus, collected from woodland and country lanes


even dried moss from Skye


a small action scene






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1 hour ago, Ratch said:

Ground cover



That's a lovely job,i had this way back when and 45yrs later i wish i still had it and the skill to paint/wheather it but it'd just be on its own with no cavalry etc :worthy: ....

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Do you just paint the cavalry figure as is Ratch? I like to impale mine. It may look painful but it gives a better hold without having to touch existing paintwork.


A few I impaled earlier :tmi:




Edited by FredG
add photo
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No, I've not used that method Fred.

I found this wargaming set while in Sandown, IOW. It's by Perry Miniatures, called Travel Battle, and the figures are 8mm tall.


I started painting them (quite coarsely)


For comparison, the figure sitting on the woods is 1/72.

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I've been eyeing up the Travel battle set and am very tempted now I know you can get extra figures and terrain sections. It's the painting that puts me off, I almost completed a 10mm Prussian army but gave up as I was staining my eyes. I stick to 28mm now.

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Great figures,I myself have just received some small 1/72 figures and I worked out it has been a least 40 plus years since I tried this scale and I am so impressed how they have improved think I am hooked,your work is a inspiration to me so will try and do them justice.Cheers.

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Didn't find time for modelling last week, but did get back in the saddle today :hobbyhorse:
Can't wait to get these done and have a game :frantic:


A bit slower with the mounted officers  :spider:

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Just been catching up (Long-time no-see!  :coolio:), really impressed with the faded whitewsh over brickwork effect you achieved, very convincing indeed. 


I'm a fan of Perry Miniatures, I have their 28mm plastic ACW stuff and it's really nicely done.

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Got the Mounted Officers finished:

William, Prince of Orange (1792-1849) took part in the Waterloo campaign, where he commanded at both Quatre Bras and Waterloo. He is known to have indicated an advance at Quatre Bras by waving his hat, and this pose closely resembles at least one portrait of him by Nicaise de Keyser depicting that event.


Frederick William, Duke of Brunswick (1771-1815) was a relentless opponent of Napoleon and was killed at Quatre Bras leading his Brunswicker troops. On that day his uniform is uncertain but generally thought to be hussar-like in style, with an undress hussar cap on his head, and is usually depicted much as shown on this figure.


Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Picton (1758-1815) came out of retirement to participate in the Waterloo campaign. He famously wore civilian costume throughout the Hundred Days, and was often described with umbrella in hand. Picton was killed at Waterloo leading the 5th British Infantry Division against d’Erlon’s assault. This figure has authentic gentleman’s attire and the top hat Picton was wearing when he was killed (which still exists today).


British Officer. This man is fairly typical of a British infantry officer and is dressed as per regulation.


Highland Officer. This chap wears breeches and a version of the fly plaid known as the ‘highland scarf’.


Netherlands Officer. This man is mainly clothed in typical officer’s uniform for the Netherlands.


French Officer, is correctly dressed and includes his gorget.


French Officer. This man has chosen to wear a single-breasted surcoat, which was a common choice at the time.


French Imperial Guard Officer. In full uniform.


Nassau Jäger Officer. This man wears a shako and uniform of French style, which is correct despite no longer serving with the French at this time.

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Here's where the Travel Battle set is


I also dug out these Hat Prussian Dragoons that I painted in 2006
They have stood the test of time quite well, but I wanted to change them to 5th Dragoner (Brandenburgisches, ‘Prinz Wilhelm von Preussen’). A quick going over of the facings and they were ready to be mounted

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Next up, three Battalions of Dutch Infantry. I'm using HäT 8025 Waterloo Dutch Infantry and HäT 8096 Netherlands Militia supplemented with two of the Waterloo1815 Mounted Officers that were recently completed.

Set 8025 are Flank companies, although the officer can be used with the centre companies and the shoulder rolls are not defined on the standing, firing figure, so this too can be used in the centre companies. Set 8096 is half Dutch and half Belgian (obviously I shall only use the Dutch figures here), which gives me enough figures for the three Battalions

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Having completed one Battalion, here's where I am with the other two. In front are the 2nd Battalion (1e Bataljon) of Netherlands Line Infantry with the 8th National Militia Battalion (Bataljon Nationale Militie No. 8) to the rear




and a few colours down the line the Militia


and the Line

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