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New 22" Round 2/MPC Cargo Eagle Transporter

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52 minutes ago, Kallisti said:

Hi Spinball


Glad to hear you are rejoining the modelling fraternity and that I have helped to inspire you :)


As for paints, unlike 'real' vehicles which can have accurate colours attributed to them, we are talking about TV models which don't, coupled to the fact that the very bright studio lights changed the colours that you see. However, a lot of research has been done by others over the years and the conclusion is that the most 'accurate' white to use on this is Ford DIamond White from Halfords. It comes in an aerosol can and its what I've used on all 3 of my Eagles. For primer you can also use Halfords grey or white primer. The advantage of Grey primer is that it makes it easier to faults and also where you have and haven't sprayed the paint when it comes to the white overcoat :)


Now as for other paints for the smaller pieces, it depends how far into the modelling hobby you want to get. I use Tamiya acrylics usually but these don't brush paint eveyr well but are superb in the airbrush. If you want an easier time brush painting, and you don't want to hunt around for a model shop or online, I'd suggest trying Ravell Aqua colours which are water-based acrylics and are available in Hobbycraft which is pretty much everywhere in the UK.


For the metallic engine belles I used specialist paints called Alclad but I would not recommend those to a beginner, they require an airbrush and are very tricky to get right. If you are very wealthy, you can invest in the aluminium engine bells (which cost more than the kit!) or simply make do with a good silver/steel colour from the Revell range.


For the major black areas, Round2 provide decals for the side pod thruster panels and for the beak window inserts. These do a good job so you don't need to paint these areas if you don't want to. I usually paint the beak window insets but thats because I like to get a nice matt finish, however I do use the decals for the side thrusters and the underside of the leg pods.


My other advice is to take your time and study the instructions carefully, particualrly when it comes to the engine assembly as it can be tricky getting the support rods in the right place. The other tricky bit is building the spine but I think I wrote up my method for doing this in this thread. 


My final bit of advice is if you are on Facebook, there is a group called Space:1999 Props and Ships which is dedicated to building these models and is a valuable resource from more experienced modellers and returning modellers like yourself.


Final finally :) If you are not busy on the weekend of the 11/12 November, get yourself over to the Telford International Exhibition Centre for the IPMS UK Annual model show, Scale Model World where you'll see AT LEAST two of these models on display (mine :) ) and almost certainly a lot more. You'll also be abel to pick up any number of paints (except Halfords!) and any other modelling tools you care to imagine.

Brilliant, thank you.  I'm overdue to visit my Mum who lives in Newport, so I'll investigate going to the model show as well.  If I do go, I will seek you out. 

And if you don't mind, I'll ask some follow-up questions here if they crop up?

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 Exellent eagle, i had the dinky versions, many moons past,  love the wall of models, diverse and attention grabbing

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I was very happy that this won Gold at Telford this year - thats two in a row now :)



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