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HMS Hood, detail sets 1 and 2. 1:200


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HMS Hood

1:200 Eduard



The huge 1:200 HMS Hood from Trumpeter has been out for a while now, but it was only a matter of time till Eduard got it in their sights. So, here they are; well, the first two sets at least from a total of six.  The first covers the AA weaponry and rocket launchers, while the second deals with the radars.


Part 1 (53187) – AA Guns and Rocket Launchers. This two sheet set contains, naturally everything you’ll need to super detail all the AA weaponry, this includes the 4” turrets. Each of the different weapons are covered to a greater or lesser degree, but all will benefit from having the extra parts. The quad 50 call mounts receive new seat, foot rests, shield, sight and ammunition canisters. The RP mounts get a replacement rocket cage, new side panel, interior detail and armoured door, which can be posed open to show off the new interior. The 4” turrets, receive a completely new gun shield, elevation gears, elevation guides, seats, control wheels, shell handling trays, breech handles, and many other details, amounting to a total of forty five parts. The octuple PomPoms ammunition trays are assembled next, all eight of them. The only kit parts used in the construction of the PomPoms are the mounting base, barrel block and elevation end plates. All the rest is replaced or added to in PE. There are total of forty one parts, just for the mounting, without the ammunition trays.


















Part 2 (53188) – Radars. Although called the radar set, it’s a bit of a misnomer as is also includes new details for the six searchlights, including new body, grille, grille crosspieces, mounting plate, support yolk, hand wheels, sights and hinge plates. The secondary directors need to be carefully hollowed out, before a new interior can be fitted, along with a new sight port, sight doors, and pedestal mounted electrical boxes. There are new arms for the two semaphores and new grilles for the two aldis lamps. The air defence observers, (ADO), pedestal mounted binoculars, are provided with new mounting fixtures, while the pedestal is given new mounting plates, the six searchlight sights, (SLS) are each made up entirely of new PE parts, some of which have to be carefully rolled to shape. The air lookout observers, (ALO), are completely replaced with PE parts, mounting, upright, binocular mount and seat. The captains sight, (CS) is given three PE parts to give it a better look. The main armament director is fitted out with the two main aerials for the Type 284 radar. Each array is made up of support frames, the curved radar backplane and the gridded, front plate, a vertical access ladder to the director roof is also added. The Type 279 radar array that is fitted to the main mast uses the kits mast head pole, to which the two aerials are slid on to with the supports between them and the wave guide attached to the base. The PomPom directors are fitted with no less than thirteen parts, leaving just the central pedestal from the kit. The compass and bridge platforms are also given the Eduard treatment before the various ALO, SLS, ADO, PPD and CS assemblies are fitted into their respective positions.




















There have been a number of large, very detailed sets released for the might Hood kit, but these are very expensive and out of reach for some modellers. These sets and the four yet to be released will give the kit a much need boost in detail, yet suitable for those on a smaller budget. They also give the modeller choice on exactly how much extra detail they want to add.


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