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My first AFV - Tamiya M5A1 Stuart

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Ok still kind of new to modelling having only made 2 planes! I started this a few years ago then took a big break from new hobby. Recently got back into it and finished this! First attempt at weathering. Maybe a bit too far. Have a diorama base I bought for it so will work on that now as well as my eurofighter

Hope you like it!!






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For a first go at an AFV that's great. Certainly better than my first! You're already a step or so ahead of the game with the weathering and improving the basic kit. The figures are also way better than my first attempts. Keep it up, keep learning and practicing and you'll soon be up there with the best.

One very simple and obvious thing that you could do to vastly improve the realism of any AFV is to add tie down ropes for the stowage. A few lengths of thread will do. As is often said, 'that stowage would fall off at the first sign of a bump' or 'is that stuck on there by magnetism?' And also make sure that the stowage doesn't interfere with the travel of the gun/turret.




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 Yeah i think I will add a few ropes here and there

 I did try a few. One of the logs at the front I added some spare or buckles. I bought some thread  so will go about trying it.  It Have tested the travel of the gun and seems to be free to.move.. will have another play with it

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