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John Thompson

1/72 Potez XXV from Azur-Frrom

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At last!


I have waited so long and bought so many other manufacturer’s efforts.


Hit-Kit was ok as long as you didn’t try to fit the photo-etch internals in ‘as is’.


I have on old injection ‘Merlin Models’ I think. Basically the right shape but very thick plastic and I wasn’t skilled enough to get the warp out of the upper wing.


There was (is?) an L&M (I think that’s the manufacturer) that made at least a Jupiter powered one in resin. I have that too, and quite a few of their kits. Nice. Not for the beginner, but perfectly buildable.


Broplan vacform; there are some nice versions there; I only had just some fuselage parts kindly sent to me by Jerzy-Wojtek some years ago. Lovely. I like Broplan kits, have many, they get better and better, but not everyone likes Vacform.

I love it, especially high quality. The thinner plastic somehow makes the model aircraft look more real. Like they really are just fabric or e.g. duralumin stretched over frames. Sometimes.

As with every kit I have started since about 2005, they are on the planet of doom. Unfinished. Sadly 😔. Still, the joy is in the idea of finishing sometimes. I’m a bit like that with model railways too 😔.


I do hope that we see some after market for these kits. Lots of potential.


There are so many variations of the Potez 25, used in so many places, so many roles that one could have collection of around 50 or more with each one quite different to the other.


Lots and lots were made in real life. Not the holographic simulation of life that I, we, are now  probably living in, not the virtual world within which these digital scribblings reside 🤷🏻‍♂️


It is so strange that it is such an ‘unknown’ in terms of aviation history in the U.K.; just like the Breguet 19.


Worthy of research into how and why that became the case. Well, for nerdy types like me anyway 😉 🤓 📚.


Dare I suggest that the Potez 25 in some ways served some similar purposes as the many flavours of Gypsy Moth?


Of the huge variety/role variants of the Soviet Po-2 (originally U2) Kukuruznik?


Thank you Special Hobby, and all the other manufacturers that have made these various Potez 25’s over the years. 

Want a Breguet 19; pop over to Omega and get into building with Resin. Many online stores have some fairly bonkers prices on his models. Buy direct, maybe buy a few. Save a lot.


Meanwhile; this is going to hurt my cash flow when released. Then again, plenty of things released can hurt my flow.


Nice box art. 
Thank you for the info V.P.





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Posted (edited)

It's nice to see it will have the Paraguayan decals; perfect for my Gran Chaco War collection.





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Coming soon - Special Hobby - ref. 72407 — Potez 25 TOE




The Potez 25 biplanes enjoyed long and faithful service with the French military, it lasted from the 1920s until the end of WW2. The TOE version of the biplane was primarily destined to fly in the France’s overseas colonies. 
The kit offers four interesting and colourful scheme options, a Vichy machine boasting distinctive red-yellow stripes which saw service in French Indochina in 1942, a pre-war airframe with white stripes on its top wing, an Aeronavale machine which was operated over mainland France in 1940 and finally a Free French Potez as used in Syria in 1944. 

  • highly accurate and nicely detailed model
  • four machines illustrating the type’s long service for France
  • meticulously designed decal sheet
  • photo-etched parts are included too





















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I'm surprised by the price...30€, it's more than the Casa or the F-1 !


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4 hours ago, Fulcrum@ said:

I'm surprised by the price...30€, it's more than the Casa or the F-1 !


The kit consists of 2 big sprues, 2 slightly smaller ones and a fifth small one and another sprue for the transparencies, plus an etched frame and extensive decal sheets.

The AC has a wingspan of almost 20 cm in 1/72 so it's quite big even.

Also the parts are delicate and sharp and it results in a highly accurate model as far I saw.

I m happy we finally have an up to today's standards kit of this important type


It is well worth the cash.




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4 hours ago, fafl said:

found a new on line store in Czech with very good price : 23€



Art Scale Kit new? Did you fall off the planet? 😉




Active since about one year now




ASK about

Art Scale Kit Distribution is the new company which was established by founder Mr. Petr Herrmann (Brand: Aeromodel) having the long-time experiences as the business associate of company Special Hobby - Czech manufacturer of plastic models.

The reason why the distribution company was found is to detach the production and distribution of plastic models. The goal is to meet 100% customer´s needs and provide the corresponding services.

That´s the reason why ART SCALE KIT DISTRIBUTION s.r.o. was found.

As of January 2019 we will begin our distribution business. As the starting point we will offer you the plastic models and accessories made by leading Czech companies: Special Hobby, CMK, Eduard, Aires, Plus Model, WWP books and others.

The range of assortment will continuously be extended based on the market demands by other foreign manufacturers.



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