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Revell USS Enterprise (original) build with lights

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This is how I added lights to my build of the Enterprise many moons ago.

The lighting is quite basic and should be a fairly easy project to do for anyone wanting to get into lighting their kits.

As the original series model of the ship was quite basic with its lighting effects, I used some poetic justice while still trying to keep some of the effects from the TV series.

Thanks for viewing and I hope it encourages others to have a go. There is a video of the finished kit HERE



Internal_Lights_Hull Internal_Lights_Hull2 Light_Diagram Lights_Bottom Lights_Top Lower_Base Motor_Lighting Pod_Nav_Lights Pod_Wiring Rings Stand Supports Upper_Base Z Blue_LED


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46 minutes ago, khimbar said:

Thanks for this.  I'm totally going to steal it all when I build mine.




That is great to hear. If I can encourage others to use their imagination and bring these kits to life, then I am a happy soul.

Sometimes you do not have to make it perfect or too accurate to be proud of your build. Making it unique to yourself is the pleasure.

Good luck with your build. Hope to see it on the forums.

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