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1/144 - McDonnell Douglas MD-80/-83/-87/-90, Douglas DC-9-30 & Boeing B-717 by Eastern Express - released - DC-9-40 in design


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Got mine today.

First impressions are very pleasing. Very fine panel line detailing (almost as fine as Zvezda, maybe finer?), sharp trailing edges, good overall shapes, smooth plastic surfaces.

I got the Iberia version shown above, as for the decals, I'm looking forward to what may be released aftermarket wise, if you get my drift.


There are a couple of areas that may require a more detailed examination - some won't appreciate the way the engines are moulded but it only takes few minutes to eradicate the join line that may be visible in the intake after assembly. On the other hand, the nose undercarriage is an eleven part assembly!! There's a flight deck with good detail though no control columns. One thing I've noticed on numerous recent models is the "creeping" of the moulding gate on to the part, and this model suffers that irritation too ( wheel halves being obvious), but like most things it just requires a few more minutes clean up.


If you have had a bad experience in the past with previous EE models, please forget about those and if the MD-87 rocks your world (or you just want a model of one) buy this, because on first impressions, this is a very nice,  modern model of a very nice, rapidly disappearing aircraft. Construction will tell if it's as good as Revell and Zvezda, but from the box it certainly appears as if EE have really stepped up their game.

Oh, forgot to mention a very nice set of instructions. Printed on quality semi-glossy paper, they feel nice to handle. Study the steps though, as the flight deck is assembled on the last page but installed on the previous page. Minor issues really, but some may make a mountain out of it and condemn it to the bin. Please don't, send me your unwanted MD-87!!



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Curious to see the underside of the wing in a larger photo, it looks like the WBF is the later type that covers from one side to the other, which was fitted to later models  and later builds, best info on DC9's is here


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- ref. 144119 - DC-9-30 KLM airliner - https://hobbyterra.com/product/dc-9-30-airliner-eastern-express-144119.html




- ref. 144119-1 - DC-9-30 Alitalia - https://hobbyterra.com/product/dc-9-30-alitalia-eastern-express-144119-01.html




- ref. 144119-2 - DC-9-30 Continental - https://hobbyterra.com/product/dc-9-30-alitalia-eastern-express-144119-01.html




- ref. 144119-3 - DC-9-30 - Swissair - https://hobbyterra.com/product/dc-9-30-swissair-eastern-express-144119-03.html




- ref. 144119-4 - DC-9-30 Air Canada - https://hobbyterra.com/product/dc-9-30-air-canada-eastern-express-144119-04.html





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The B_717 boxing


- ref. EE144124-01 - Boeing B-717 "Midwest"

Source: https://hobbyterra.com/product/airliner-717-midwest-eastern-express-144124-01.html


Airliner-717 "Midwest"


- ref. EE144124-02 - Boeing B-717 "Hawaiian"

Source: https://hobbyterra.com/product/airliner-717-hawaiian-eastern-express-144124-02.html


Airliner-717 "Hawaiian"


- ref. EE144124-03 - Boeing B-717 "Quantas Link"

Source: https://hobbyterra.com/product/airliner-717-qantas-link-eastern-express-144124-03.html


Airliner-717 "Qantas Link"


- ref. EE144124-04 - Boeing B-717 "AirTran Atlanta Falcons"

Source: https://hobbyterra.com/product/airliner-717-airtran-atlanta-falcons-eastern-express-144124-04.html


Airliner-717 "AirTran Atlanta Falcons"


- ref. EE144124-05 - Boeing B-717 "Star Alliance"

 Source: https://hobbyterra.com/product/airliner-717-star-alliance-eastern-express-144124-05.html


Airliner-717 "Star Alliance"


- ref. EE144124-06 - Boeing B-717 "Bangkok Air"

Source: https://hobbyterra.com/product/airliner-717-bangkok-air-eastern-express-144124-06.html


Airliner-717 "Bangkok Air"



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MD-80 late version kits

- ref. 144112-1 - MD-80 late version "American"

- ref. 144112-2 - MD-80 late version "Spirit"

- ref. 144112-3 - MD-80 late version "Finnair"

- ref. 144112-4 - MD-80 late version "BWIA"

- ref. 144112-5 - MD-80 late version "Alaska"

- ref. 144112-6 - MD-80 late version "SAS"

Source: http://www.pas-decals.ru/forum/novosti/1078-novinki-vostochnyj-ekspress?start=432#37139





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