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UH-1D "Huey" - 1/48 KittyHawk

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UH-1D "Huey"

1:48 KittyHawk




Lets face it, IT’S A HUEY! The Bell UH-1 Iroquois is the Iconic Helicopter following its use by the American Army in Vietnam. Thanks to this it can now rank alongside such aircraft as the Spitfire and Mustang, and is recognisable by most people not just aviation enthusiasts.  The Bell 204 was developed to a 1952 US Army requirement for a medical evacuation helicopter, trainer and utility helicopter. Originally designated as the HU-1 (Helicopter utility) troops quickly shortened this to Huey and it has stuck ever since.  While the original Huey was a success the Army wanted a Helicopter which could carry more troops. Bell stretched the Huey by 41 inches and was able to fit in four extra seats next to the transmission taking the total to 15 including the crew. The extra room enabled 6 stretchers and a medic to be carried in the Medevac role.  In place of the original single window main door the newer longer main door would feature twin windows. The new helicopter would be called the 205 by Bell and the   UH-1D by the Army.  Many armed forces all over the world would use the Huey. Notable users would be Germany and Japan. The D model was license built by Dornier. The Army used it as a utility Helicopter, and the Air Force for Search & Rescue.  Japan would use the UH-1H which was a D model with an improved engine. 



The Kit

A brand new tooling from KittyHawk, who have done their best to make it the best 1/48 Huey. It arrives on three sprues of plastic, one clear sprue, one sheet of photo-etch and 2 sheets of decals.  Construction starts with the main cabin in the crew area. The collective and cyclic sticks are added along with the rudder pedals. The main instrument housing between the pilots is built up and installed along with the main instrument panel.  Following this the transmission housing is also built up and installed at this time with the transmission and rotor head linkage on top. The two seats behind the pilots are built up and added at this time. The other rear seats are now built up and added along with the armoured pilots seats. Seat belts where needed are provided as PE.





Next up the doors and windows are added to the main fuselage sides. The engine exhaust is added along with wells for the cargo hook area.  Next up the engine deck is built up and the turbine engine added. Now the engine deck and main cabin interior can be added into the fuselage sides and the main fuselage closed up. The tailboom is made up as is the cabin roof. These are then attached to the main cabin. The solid nose parts are also added at this stage.



The main glazing is added along with the engine covers with PE mesh areas. If using the door guns these can now be made up, added to their mounts and attached to the fuselage.  The skids are made up and added along various aerials cable cutters as required. Lastly the main rotor is assembled along with the tail rotor and these are added on. 





Clear Parts

These arrive in the now trademark cardboard box for added protection (something other kit manufactures should take note of) they are clear and with no defects.





Decals are provided on one many sheet, and a supplementary sheet for the instruments and nose art. The look to be well printed, in register and colour dense. Marking are provided for 4 US Army examples, and 3 overseas users;


  • UH-1D - 121st Assault Helicopter Company US Army.
  • UH-1D - 117th Assault Helicopter Company US Army.
  • UH-1D - 174th Assault Helicopter Company US Army.
  • UH-1D - 170th Assault Helicopter Company US Army.
  • UH-1H - Japanese Ground Self Defence Forces.
  • UH-1H - Taiwanese Air Force.
  • UH-1D - Hubschraubertransportgeschwader 64, Luftwaffe, Althorn





A comprehensive kit of an iconic helicopter. 


Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of

logo.gif and available soon from major hobby shops

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Could you do me a huge favour. Pretty please. If you've small enough drill bits what is the diameter of the 'rivet' dimples on the kit please.

I'm intending to use microspheres to make the dome rivets the beast actually had and want to make sure I have the right size.

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Cheers for the review, I've been saving my pennys for this one. Do we have any idea what sort of price it will be?

Looks pretty good and has door guns :mg: but I don't like the look of the pilots door glazing.


Get Some!



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I would have prefered an 1/35 one, but I'm still happy to see this one.

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4 hours ago, Antoine said:

I would have prefered an 1/35 one, but I'm still happy to see this one.

They are thinking about this.

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10 hours ago, SleeperService said:

Pretty please.


The use of this invocation means that Julien is now no longer permitted to refuse such a polite and reasonable request.  What size are the rivet holes Julien? :wicked:

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I see two types of rocket pods and miniguns. Are these applicable to the supplied decals or are they "extras"?

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