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RF-111C A8-134 - 6 Sqn. RAAF Base Amberley 1988

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Hobby Boss 1/48th F-111C

Paint: Mr Hobby and Tamiya acrylics, Model Master Metalizer Lacquers


Eduard BigSin F-111C set

Eduard – F-111A Interior set

Novascale – F-111C RAAF 1 & 6 Squadron decals

OzMods – F-111 Afterburner Cans

Ozmods – F-111C Wheels & Tires

Ozmods – F-111C Long Range Fuel tanks

Custom made and cast Recon Pallet.


build link


This was built as part of the F-111 STGB. I had always wanted to build an F-111 having worked on them in them in the 80’s with the RAAF, so though this would be the perfect opportunity. For something a bit different I’d build one of the Recon versions which I worked on, sounded simple……


My first mistake was the model, the Hobby Boss model for those who don’t know is an absolute dog of a model! Everything fits really well and is a joy to build, but not if you want an F-111 that’s accurate. If you want a F-111C forget it, and if you want a Pre-Pave Tack or Recon bird good luck!!


This was going to be an uphill build right from the start plus I ended up being away for over 8 weeks of the build. The real hard part of the build was the Recon door, nobody turns out a 1/48th conversion kit, and the only conversion kit available anywhere is an old rough one in 1/72nd. I ended up using this for some of the design work. Actual detailed draws are just about non-existent as well (though someone here is bound to have some).


So I had to make the door from scratch then cast it, for something so small there’s around 40 hours work in it. That part was easy!






The rest of the build was such a pain in the a#*e! Anyone following could attest to my constant ranting about the model. If Hobby Boos had just spent 30 minutes of research on the internet they could have fixed the majority of issues with the model!


Unfortunately in the end I just fell out of love with this build and the model, a bit heartbreaking actually for something I had really wanted to do. I ended up just going through the motions to finish her and get her off the bench! It was a hard build and definitely not some of my best work…though the Recon door did turn out quite nicely. Please Tamiya release a good 1/48th scale one….I now have a door for it!!!!!


Thanks for looking and please enjoy, comments welcome, you can be a savage as you wish!














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Well I think it looks great! I imagine that if you are as familiar with this aircraft as you must be, every small thing would be a glaring issue.


There's an RF-111C on display at the Pt Adelaide Aircraft Museum here in Adelaide - they are so impressive in the 'flesh'. And big!


Is it just me, or is HB pulling this sort of stunt more and more often (I'm thinking here - most specifically - of their so called Hawk T Mk 127, which is woefully inadequate)?

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That looks good Rich, a really nice job indeed & good work on the recon door. I do like the Aussie scheme on these birds, I recall them doing dump & burns at a couple of airshows in this side of the ditch, flaming ;) awesome. I've got one to do in 1/72 come the day.


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Raaaahhhh !! Dump and burn, sweet and smelly rememberance !!! Try only half of this on an airshow today :rofl:

Very good Vark, you may be fought all the way long but here's the result,  a very well done and rare kit

Congratulations :clap2:



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That's one fantastic looking Pig you've put together there !

I too prefer this scheme to that of the all over grey they finished off with and yeah you've puled it off nicely I reckon.  I can almost hear the boys complaining of having to do mag rubber testing !! :lol:



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