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1:32 Thunderbolt

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Kit – Hasegawa 1:32 (original issue)

Paint – Tamiya acrylics & AK Xtreme Metals

Decals – Kagero

Extras – Barracuda resin wheels, Eduard pre-painted etch seatbelts


Republic P-47D-30 Thunderbolt

Assigned to Lt. Frank Middleton

65th FS, 57th FG

Corsica, mid-1944































An impulse build after the 1:48 Airfix Spitfire from a month or so ago. Five weeks from cracking the box to what you see here – and yes I know I haven’t painted the sway braces on the pylons and centreline yet.

As usual with Hasegawa’s BIG kits it simply fell together without any fuss whatsoever, I was expecting ‘issues’ with the multi-piece cowl, but it behaved impeccably. The huge take-away from this build is the incredible quality of AK’s enamel lacquer’s. So much better behaved than Alclad and nowhere near as ‘smelly’. First time using Kagero’s decals and they worked perfectly also.

Not much else to say, my first 1:32 completion in a l-o-n-g time and enjoyed so much I dragged-out my H’gawa 109G-14 as a possible next project…   Thanks for taking the time to look folks and please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments or criticism.



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Thank you everybody, really appreciate the positive comments. 


Scmaltzie/Mercedes was one of those rare subjects that we know 'exactly' what it looks like from both sides so building it 'right' isn't too difficult. What I particularly enjoyed about this build (apart from the NMF coming-out the way it has), was just how easy it was to glue together - seriously, for such a physically big machine the construction was incredibly simple and hassle-free. I'd recommend this kit to anyone/everyone... easily as good as their Ki84 & Ki61 kits.


Thanks again everyone, no idea what'll be next maybe another 1:32, or maybe a Mirage... 



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