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Mach 2 X-24A 1/72

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This is my Mach 2 X-24A kit. This is part of a double kit that includes all the parts and decals for the X-24A and X-24B. I am really not interested in building the "B" so I will probably bring it to my next club meeting as a freeby give-away. I am not going to knock Mach 2. The one time I needed to contact them for a missing part they were very helpful and sent me a new one right away. You just have to look on them as a good quality resin kit that is made in plastic so you can use your favorite plastic cement. The fit was good in some places, not so good in others. The canopy is more translucent then clear, so I did not spend a lot of time on the interior. Their decals were excellent; thin went down easy and the film just disappears,  but I do think they are a tad larger then the should be. Paint was Alclad II Aluminum with a darker mix for the engines. All the pictures I have seen of the prototype show it a uniform finish, so I did not use multiple shades. Just 7 days from start to finish so a nice quick build.









Next up is the Unicraft YO-3A, arg. 

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