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F-14A Tomcat Modular Construction UPDATED Final Assembly

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This is the newish Tamiya 1-48 kit.  It is a pretty amazing model to build and just to prove how good the fit is I have built painted and decaled it in sub assemblies.  These will still have to be brought together and a few more decals to be added plus the final finish coats.  Some parts such as the canopy and windscreen still need painting.  I know it's not unusual to add gear, wheels and missles at the end but have you ever had a kit where the front and rear fuselage halves fit absolutely perfectly.  Anyway here's where it is today.  Be sure to check the last picture - it looks like a jumble!!!












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7 hours ago, exdraken said:


this is a snap tight kit, no? ;)


hope that this works out!

surely not with my gluing skills...



No it's not a snap kit. Everything is supposed to be glued together. But the fit is excellent and the engineering very smart. 

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Wow,..you are brave mate. Hopefully we won`t see any glue patches and that it doesn`t need any remedial paintwork afterwards,......I love the scheme you`ve chosen too and those missiles,.....well you have the patience of a saint!


Good luck with this one Bill,

All the best


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Jolly Rogers! What else!!?? 

Good work


This is the first time that I see this type of assembling...

I think that so is more easy painting and decal... but now I'm afraid for the assembling of all parts... 

Good luck 


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OK so the assembly of the sub components is done.


Intakes to the main fuselage...


And glued into place



The joints are invisible...



And the very important and visible nose section to main fuselage.

These two are meant to come together...



Closer and time to add liquid cement...



Underside needs to fit too...



And here is the result - as good as it could be.  Note the little "dent" in the joint of the centre square panel is the result of a previous dropping of the main fuselage onto the desk - DOH!




So the worries about it coming together were needless.  Compliments to Tamiya's excellent engineering and quality.  They don't produce many models only one or maybe two a year bit they are outstanding when they're released.  A real treat for the model maker.


Next pictures will be in Ready for Inspection.   

Thanks for looking!

Edited by Bill Bunting
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