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For this build I will be offering the 1/72 Revell boxing of this lovely looking Vampire F MK3 kit. I will be building her as a Mexican offering from the Aztec decals sheet. I also have a small fret of etch for the kit although god knows why at this scale!


Sprue and box shot:



Decal sheet and etch:


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I have made a slow start on this build as I am still working on my MiG27 for another, but my time on this has mostly been spent working the etch set for the cockpit details. A couple of quick shots of what I have been doing:











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Well I have been patiently working with the etch over the last few days in between other things, the cockpits pretty much done now. just need to close up the fuselage and move one with the build. 





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Quick update on this one, fuselage is shut, wings are on. Just need to fit the wingtips and intakes then I can start on the tail booms!



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It looks like it fits together well :)


You've done a nice job on the cockpit. 


I have the Amodel Vampire, was considering building it so it's interesting to see how this one (ex MPM?) is going together.


'Nicely' is the word :thumbsup:

Best regards


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Unfortunately it seems I am not going to get this one over the line in time. I was still hopeful of getting this completed on schedule when I picked it back up a week or so ago, however the hospitalization of a relative has meant that I just haven't managed to get the time at the bench over the last week or so that I needed.


I will continue to update the thread for those that are interested as it will be completed and apologies for not getting this one over the line on time!


In the mean time, here's a picture of some filler curing just to bore you all to death












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