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Stalin's Hammer - Miyashishev M3/M4 Molot (Bison)


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My interpretation of the Soviet big bomber from the Cold war years, the giant Miyashishev M3/M4. I think it was more a propaganda plane, compared to it's western counterparts it still had it's say in it's time.

Only a handful still existes, converted for aerial heavy lift transporters for the USSR space program.

Beeing almost as big as the B-52, it still dwarfes most planes when parked together. Introduced in the early '50's and it never stops to amaze me the huge leap in engineering during the WW2 years.

So here's a few shots I did of my 3D model(s). Modeled in Modo and with a little postwork in Photoshop. I don't seem to post any bigger images here, so this is what I can give you ...


the first is a bit rough WIP image



Tanking scene with a Tu-95MS Bear



Early morning take off from some 'eastern airbase'



Close to the mongolian border, escorted by Fresco's (Mig 17F)




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