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New trailer for Ace Combat 7


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I thought this might be a new trailer!  I was kinda disappointed it's the E3 trailer. .


On to the good stuff, I'm SO GLAD to be back in Strangeland! Don't get me wrong I liked 6, but the USAF vs Russian rebels story was kinda weird. For every cool level like the B-52 and B-1 you got a lame helicopter level ripped out of Call of Duty. Plus the awkward dialog (what color do you like of the sky? Really Namco?) really seemed super awkward in 6, I figured because of the real world setting. I just hope we get another great story like 4 and the Forgotten War. Plus I really hope they let us keep the F-104 from the trailer and not screw us over like they did with the Hawk in 4.


Was that a Strigon Flanker at the end? Was that the Sand Islands base? If so I wonder if we'll see Wardog or Galm teams?

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I played Warbirds, then Aces High, followed by the Great War Aces High. I tried Warthunder and World of Warplanes but never got around to trying Ace Combat. That was some pretty awesome stuff though I think the graphics would kill my graphics card. ;)

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