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Hello Modellers,

because my wife told me that she's fed up with my airplanes all aorund at home I had to take my latest on to my office at work.... Thank God I have some space and maybe in the near future i will bring also another one.

This dauntless is almost OOB with just some details added in the cockpit. Painting has been done with airbrush and Tamiya acrylics. Matt finishing is also a Tamiya but spray can.

Any comment and criticism is welcome .


Enjoy pictures even if quality is not really the best (I took them with mobile phone...).













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This Dauntless is just fantastic;

I think it is the typical aircraft just made to adorn your office.

Your wife really has bright ideas.

Just keep them coming!!!

(fantastic work on that Dauntless!!!)

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Nice work. I like that very much. I'm approaching the same situation has you at home. 'Herself' has already asked, where do I plan to keep these things.:shrug: 

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16 hours ago, Buzby061 said:

Very nice work.


Is the base home made?



 Hi Pete, yes I made the base as well. They are just two pieces of MDF glued together one over the other painted in black with a spray can. The deck is made with the wood used for wooden ship models.

I'm also busy building a cover in synthetic glass, so at the end everything will look like this one here below I made some time ago.







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