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Mirage III C


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Hi everyone


This won't be the most spectacular build here, but its, arguably, one of the better looking Mirage versions, so its all good




For better or for worse, I'm going to have another try at an NMF, although HB are suggesting silver, but I really don't think that right - do you?




Roll on Saturday!



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Firstly, welcome to the GB.


Secondly, the Hobby Boss kit may have it's moments but you should end up with a good result and I like your choice of subject.


Thirdly, you are correct NMF is right for these aircraft, check photos to see hot shiny or how weathered they can be.


Finally, have fun!

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Hi Craig

Nice one I would love to do a 48th one but aim so bad and slow at doing GB's that I shall do a 72nd one just to have a chance to get it done.

When you come to do the seat only use the D type handle for the seat ALL MIRAGE IIIC French a/c only used the D handle this kit has both D & B types in the parts list.

Hope you have fun doing it.


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Very nice addition to the Mirage GB. I have built this particular boxing a few years ago. I fitted very well, and was pleased with the outcome. I used different shades of Alclad, I did not use Silver. I used Aluminium in various shades and thickness/layers.



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Hi everyone


I had intended posting this more comprehensive introduction last weekend, but could not, for the life of me, find the lead to connect camera to lap-top, so better late than never!


Sorry for the rubbish photo, didn't realise how bad it was until too late. 1 x transparent & 5 x pale grey sprues of decent looking plastic.


Restrained panel lines & detail, but with a fair bit of flash. This is quite hard, almost brittle plastic, so the very thin flash could almost be scraped off with your thumb nail. Also quite a few sink marks, especially on the fuselage, which may, or may not, prove to be a problem. I'll reserve judgement until after the first coat of primer.


Crystal clear glazing, but the canopy has this nasty seam running down the middle.  Micromesh & a spot of T-cut should sort that.


Clearly defined frame work, so I'm happy to mask myself rather than spend almost as much again for a set from Eduard or whoever


The pit is a little bare, but as I tried recently with an Airfix Lightning, this will be posed 'in flight' mounted on a length of aluminium tube stuffed up the jet pipe and with a figure in place & the canopy closed, I don't anticipate too much being seen.


And talking of Airfix Lightnings.....


....this chap will be in the hot seat, although it suddenly occurs to me that an RAF style helmet & flight suit might not be entirely appropriate for an Armee de L'Air pilot, so probably best that I don't research that subject too exhaustively - 'Ignorance is bliss' and all that!

AK Xtreme Metal will be having an opportunity to shine for the NMF,


but the main reason I chose this kit is because it should build without too much fuss, leaving me with time to switch to a camo scheme, should the NMF go 'pear-shaped', so I'm already preparing excuses should it start causing me grief!


More to come



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Thanks for posting the pictures of the kit, I'm most surprised by the flash and sink marks, my one of these is absolutely flawless in that respect (Trumpeter and Hobby Boss often come in for a fair amount of justified criticism for shape and detail errors but their moulding is usually spot on).


If you're not happy with your NMF, you could always do a Djibouti based jet...

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