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L-13 Blanik "Czechoslovak Glider" - 1:72 Special Hobby

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L-13 Blanik "Czechoslovak Glider"

1:72 Special Hobby





The L-13 Blanik is a two seater training glider made by the Czech company Let Kunovice. It is probably the most widely produced and used glider in the world, being used by many civilian schools, and even the US Air Force Academy where it is designated the TG-10C.  The L-13 was the first Czech glider to utilise laminar flow wing profiles. The L-13 has a reputation for durability and ease of operation. Over 3000 have been built since 1956 and exported all over the world.


The ruggedness of the design combined with a low landing speed and ample control deflection make it very effective as a primary flight trainer. The type is said to posses many of the flight characteristics of wood/fabric aircraft but with the durability of more modern materials and construction techniques.


The Kit

This is a re-release of the 2008 Profiline kit. The kit is on just one injected sprue with a separate cockpit part. Construction starts in the cockpit, the two seats are added along with their control columns, the rear cockpit bulkhead and the two instrument coamings. Once complete the fuselage can be closed up and the canopy added. Depending on the version being built the right set of wing tips need to be added to the main wings. The wings can then be added to the fuselage. The tail surfaces and vertical tail can then be added. Finally the tail wheel is added. 




Decals are from Aviprint and should pose no problems. Markings are provided for 4 examples;


  • OK-1827, Benesov Airfield, Czech Republic.
  • VH-GOS, Queensland, Australia. 
  • DM-3208, Magdeburg Airfiels, Eat Germany 1961.
  • OK-4832, Aeroclub Pilsen, Czech Republic.






This is a simple little kit (but then the real ones are as well) it should make up to be a good interesting model. Highly recommended. 




Review sample courtesy of


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It's in my favourite scale and looks like a very simple build, so I'm glad to be able to "look into the box" on this one.

I also note a decal option for an Aussie glider which adds more spice to the package.

Thanks for the review. :speak_cool:

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