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Revosys VK36.01


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Hi all :)

I started new Revosys kit. I'm going to paint this vehicle with DAK sand colour but now I need to assembly this beauty together.

As always, I do video review:

And my current progress :)



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Nice Matt ! Great chouce sir. It looks like stunning kit despite the moaning I hear from some other modellers, about lack of engine and other minor gripes.  I think Revosys Should be heartily applauded for this kit.  Should have mine in a couple of days can't wait to tackle it . 

Watching with interest .



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Jim, thank you for your interest. As you wrote, this kit is very good, despite a few isues (lack of the engine is the biggest). Also I wish you a lot of fun with your VK :)

In my model I assembled the wheels and suspension:
I also cleaned up all track links, now it's time for mu favourite part of building-track assembly :D

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Thank you sir I'm looking forward to it.

 Ah yes the tracks.

I admit one of my favourites too ! Nothing I find more satisfying than a good set of workable tracks especially if I do t have to buy them as aftermarket . ^_^

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Yes, the track are awesome, really workable and they don't break apart at every touch.

Darson- this is a new brand.

Some progress with the build:


Hull interior is ready for painting:


Radios are very well detailed and looking awesome:


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