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Hi all well it's finally finished (I seem to have very little time to model or even check out the forums lately, life is so hectic)
Anyway for those that didn't follow the build this is not the red version in the museum it's the Ernest Eldridge world record run version, the tail had to be raised and the skirt lowered also an extra seat for the co-driver had to be added all else is out of the box, I've seen some amazing builds of this kit where an amazing amount of detail has been added, I'm no where near as patient as that or talented so here is my version of this amazing kit. It truly is an amazing kit, I have plans for another one but it will be totally radical and nothing like the actual car, anyway that's in the future. Here are the pics.

I think I'm going to concentrait on finishing some of the models I've started to clear the bench for October's ducati(the missus surprised me further saying I could also get the upgrade kits taking the cost of it to nearly 700 quid)

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And I thought all of them were red. I like this scheme much more, looks really bad a**. Your paint job has a worn and rough outcom, like it should be on such an old car. How did you manage it?


Oh, and I like your photography, too!

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Well, ain't that the ... Mutts - Nuts?


I by far and away prefer this version - kudos for having the nonce to give it a go. I'm unlikely to tackle this as I have so many projects already in the pot - but, believe me, should I ever tackle it? This'll be the one I go for.


Bliddy well done that man.

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Once again thanks guys mostrich the weathering of the body was done with the sludge in the bottom of the white spirit bottle I clean my brushes in (I keep this little bottle topped up just for this purpose) the engine was done with mig abt 160 engine grease and the wheels were done with mig copper patina and the sludge from the bottom of my brush cleaning bottle.

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Not familiar with the kit but you've done a wonderful job on it.    Your outdoor photos make it look like the real thing and just weathered enough to need a second look!.


Lovely job.



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