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After a marathon of a weekend with the combined efforts of 6 different people over the period, including Stew again, we have now replenished the webstore with fresh stock of many colours including:


Royal Navy WW2

RN01 - 507A Dark Grey

RN02 - 507B Medium Grey

RN07 - B5 / B15 Dark Blue


US Navy WW2

US05 - Late 1941 5-H Haze Gray

US06 - Late 1941 5-O Ocean Gray

US27 - Norfolk 250-N Flight Deck Stain


Regia Marina

RM08 - Rosso


Imperial Japanese Navy

IJN04 - Yokosuka Naval Arsenal Grey

IJN11 - IJN Antifouling Red


Modern Naval

M12 - Russian Deck Green


Royal Australian Air Force

ACOZ04 - RAAF Light Earth

ACOZ12 - RAAF Medium Sea Grey


Japanese aircraft (IJN / IJA)

ACJ20 - Hinomaru Red

ACJ23 - Propeller Brown



ACLE04 - Rot (RAL3000)

ACLW09 - Grun RLM62

ACLW21 - Gelb RLM04


Royal Air Force / Fleet Air Arm

ACRN04 - Medium Sea Grey (BS381C-637)

ACRN09 - MAP Dark Green

ACRN21 - RAF/FAA Yellow

ACRN25 - Light Green

ACRN27 - Roundel Red (BS381C-538)


Regia Aeronautica

ACRA10 - Nocciola Chiaro



ACUS11 - Pre-war Chrome Yellow

ACUS18 - Tan FS20219 - SEA / Vietnam

ACUS26 - Insignia Red

ACUS30 - Bronze Green #9

ACUS33 - ANA607 Non-Specular Sea Blue

ACUS34 - ANA623 Glossy Sea Blue



Furthermore, the long unavailable ACD - Dutch air force range is presently in manufacture and will be available again soon





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