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RAF Bell Airacobra Special Hobby 1/32

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Evening folk's next up on the table is Special Hobby's Mk1 Airacobra,I was at the Northern show last week and spied this kit on Kit's for Cash's stall

for a cracking £30.I have to admit the P-39 is one of my favourite aircraft and to get it in this RAF boxing was a bonus I have a full build feature to

reference in a past copy of MAI so I'm aware of the area's needing care,It'll be a slow burner as I've two other1/32 kit's on the go in our GB's and

even re-visited the big Revell Heinkel 111 today which I'm trying to move on,anyway box art.



And a fair amount of plastic in the box.



A bonus in the box colour etched fret and hollowed resin exhaust's



And finally lovely looking decal's and a comprehensive colour callout.



Having built revell's re-boxing of their Seafire I'm aware just how good these "limited run" kit's are reading the build review all being well

should be a substantial build when complete.

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Great choice, I also have a soft spot for the P-39, I built the SH kit as a US one and have the same kit as you in the stash as well as another SH kit with Soviet decals and just for variety I have the Kitty Hawk kit as well.

Here's the US one





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8 hours ago, Vadim said:

Hey, Steve.

Having completed same SH (Revel rebox) recently - I'm in with huge interest! 

Thank's Vadim,I was on the lookout for the Revell boxing at the show but came across this one instead.

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1 hour ago, stevej60 said:

I was on the lookout for the Revell boxing at the show

Well, as I can see from your pictures, the original Special Hobby boxing has much better content than Revell. I didn't have all the PE and resin.

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Hi folk's,it was alway's going to be a slow build for the moment with three other 1/32 builds in a couple of our GB's.Anyway a start has been

made with interior painting and the harness fitted.


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