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Bf 109F-2 Update sets and masks - 1:48 Eduard

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Bf 109F-2 Update sets and masks
1:48 Eduard




The Messerschmidt Bf 109 is one of the iconic aircraft of WWII. The F-2 introduced the 15mm MG 151 cannon. This was supplemented by two MG 17 machine guns mounted under the engine cowl. As the better 20 mm Mauser MG 151/20 version become available, a number of F-2s were retrofitted with it in the field. About 1,380 F-2s were built between October 1940 and August 1941. 



Bf 109F-2 Update set (48919)

This set from Eduard gives us some update sets for the kit. First of are new main wheel doors these are double sided and one fold gives you both parts. There are the rear flaps for the wing radiators, strap for the external tank, flaps, and landing gear parts. 








Bf 109F-2 Masks (EX549)

This set from Eduard gives us masks for the F-2 canopy and wheels.







These sets will enhance any model they are used on. Recommended. 



Review sample courtesy of

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