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1/48 Eduard BF 109g-6 Finnish Sharkmouth

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Hello Everyone

This is my contribution to this group build.

1/48 Eduard Bf-109G-6. It has been started but I hope this is not considered 25%



I will replicating the Sharkmouth Finnish BF-109 from the Aeromaster Augsburg Eagles Part 1 set




These are aftermarkets I will be using for this build




As you know the overtrees only come with plastic, so there will no cockpit decals, and I will use a set of paper seat belts.


Thank you and stay tuned!




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The cockpit is almost done, all its missing is a wash and it'll be ready!
The seat belts came out ok i think, they were hard to work on because of the size. I've also used the same brand in 1/72 but there is nothing to assemble. I still have 3 more left for future German airplanes








And this is how it all looks like so far. I used white glue to attach them to the cockpit, but it proved to be a bit messy, next time i'll be more careful








That's it for today! Thanks for stopping by!





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  • 2 months later...

Wow! Time surely is flying by...thank God for the extension!


Would I be able to finish on time? Who knows, but nothing like a good challenge to keep me motivated!


I brought this project back from the dead this week, finished building everything, Of course I messed up, forgot to put the instrument panel in before I closed the fuselage, and it was a pain to put it back on, another part that was a pain for me was the fuel line, kept coming off i ended up superglueing it. I got around putting everything together and using a little bit of putty to seal everything, Man this hot Arizona summer surely dried my putty as well as some of my paints!

Anyway on with the pictures!






These pictures show the model as of yesterday, fully primed!


Today it was shadowing and lower color day




Started with a Tamiya dark blue/green color. I usually just paint the whole thin black and then highlights but decided to go the hard way




If I was going to make thiings harder, then mind as well go the extra mile, decided to paint some panels different colors! I hope you can see the result nicely once the main color goes on. My hand tends to be heavy when it comes to main colors and usually covers all the hard work




Decided to do the same thing to the top, I don't know why but this is my favorite color, its tamiya yellow green, I am hoping that it will break the tonality of the 2 color camouflage




Well on to the lower main coat!






What do you guys think? Did the hard work pay off? Or is it barely noticeable? Should've I just skipped the whole painting panels on different shades step?


Tomorrow will be a long day, I have to mask the canopy, paint the main colors, paint the nose, and hopefully spray future so i can start placing the decals on saturday


Stay tuned!




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Hi Czaralko!


Nice subject and beautiful work!


There was earlier discussion about this same aircraft in this threat: 

Key issue is that in the real MT-422 was either sharkmouth or bat and the moon emblem but not at the same time if you want to be 100% historically accurate.






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Hello Everyone!

Here is an update





All parts painted with gunze green an tamiya nato black


I sprayed the model with future to give it a nice gloss before the decals, however I probably didn't put enough because i had silvering in some parts.

The shark mouth was a pain to place on, really hard to work with. I didn't like how the roundels looked either as you could see the carrier film, regardless of how much micro set and sol i used. That's when I decided to bring out the big guns and use Mr. Hobby decal softerner. By mistake i touched one of the decals and ruined it. I got frustrated and tried to fix it by painting over it, but didn't look too good, so I decided to take all the roundels off and order some new ones. Spent most of the day removing the decals which was a pain, removing glue, wet sanding and repainting. So for now the model will be incomplete. I am not 100% happy with the shark mouth either, but I think that's something i can work with. I put the plane together and snapped some pictures for you to see it. I still have to put decals, spray a flat coat and weather it. Definitely won't be done tomorrow. Anyway thanks for stopping by, see you in the next one!

















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