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Hello folks , I built this kit as part of the "From Russia with love" group build . This is a fantastic little kit from ICM with the fit and finesse being on par with the best out there . Ideally , the green spots should have a soft edge to them but this being a 72nd scale biplane , it is incredibly difficult to free hand the spots with an airbrush between the wings . Hence , I first painted the airplane green , masked the spots with silly putty and then sprayed on the aluminium .  Weathered lightly with oil . 






Regards ,
Basu Roy

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13 hours ago, SoftScience said:

It looks great. I think your method is sound. Freehanding those spots would have been a nightmare.

Thanks , here is a photo I took after the masking ; I grossly misjudged just how tedious it will prove to be  - I had estimated it will take me 45-60 minutes max to complete the entire airplane but it took me around 140 minutes and it had to be done in a single sitting because silly putty cannot be left on the model for long (it leaves an oily imprint ) -

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Looks great; aside from using decals I cant think of a better solution to the camo challenge. I must say you've done a very tidy job of the rigging . Nice work :)

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