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Hasegawa 1/32 FW-190D-9 "Schwarz 14 + I" 10./JG2, April 1945

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Hi all,


Here is my latest bird. This is the well known Hasegawa Dora, here upgraded with some resin goodies.
For those interested, upper wings are RLM76/82, fuselage and upper horizontal tail 81 and 82, underside and sides are 76/ bare metal.
Engine covers are 76/71. Ailerons (underside) and rudder are 65.
Paints are Gunze but I made my own mixes for 81 and 82, the rest is "out of the jar".

The spinner spiral is copied on the one shown on "Schwarz 1 + I" of the same unit.


It is a Fieseler built machine with an unknown Werknummer, so I've opted for something plausible (600378).
Markings are a mix of self-made masks (thanks to my new Silhouette cuting machine, I strongly recommend it), wet transfers and decals.

You may click on the photos to enlarge them.






















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Thank you all for your kind messages!


Tbolt, It took only a little less than forever to rivet her.


Jens, I own a Silouhette Cameo 3. I think any Silouhette cutting machine will do the job.



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I'm certainly not a 190/109 type of guy but I like a model when I see a good one and that fits the bill. The weathering looks spot on. Not too much and not too little, just right.


A nice Dora indeed.



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That is a work of art -  very impressive finish. I've yet to work out how do to Luftwaffe mottle, my current effort I ended up with too tight line, I need to build a few quick kits to practice more.

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Hello Warbird,

OMG, what a beautifull 190, I'm a bit jealous !!

Congratulations, you did great, hope that mine will be a tenth as good as your !

Bravo :partytime:



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