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MiG I-320 - New 1/72 scale kit from Modelsvit

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Look what the postman just delivered - the latest in Modelsvit's coverage of the MiG family - the I-320 all-weather fighter...


Box art....




Is it ugly or what ??


The instruction sheet gives a short potted history plus colour matches to Humbrol paints...




Colour painting guide - for the third prototype...(note the very welcome paint masks for the complicated canopy framework)




Another page from the instruction booklet showing the well-detailed VK-1 engine, the multi-part ejection seats and the cockpit/intake assembly.




The two-part fuselage with separate starboard fin...




Wings, tailplanes and slipper tanks....





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Cockpit parts (lower) with intake and jetpipes (upper).....




Undercarriage parts - note the very fine detail on the wheel hubs and doors...




Parts for the VK-1 jet engine...




One-piece clear canopy, canopy masks and decal sheet.....




This is another excellent kit from Ukrainian manufacturer Modelsvit - they get better with each new release and cover those esoteric subjects other manufacturers don't touch.


Although it is a 'limited run' kit, the surface detail is superb with fine engraved detail and well defined parts - the cockpit and engine are works of art on their own!


I can't wait to get started.



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Cool aircraft. Modelsvit continues to impress- just wish they'd release them a bit slower so I have a chance to buy them all!


Is there any way of easily displaying the VK-1 engine, it'd be a shame to close it up completely.




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 Another ' could only be loved by it's mother' design. I can't get enough of these types and this looks like a great kit, I hope it builds easier than it is on the eye :)

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I've made a start ..... on the VK-1 jet engine.....


First of all you assemble the engine jetpipe - from SEVEN parts...




Then the centrifugal-flow jet engine is constructed - made up from six parts (the assembled jetpipe is on the right).




This is what you end up with.....




... which looks much better with a coat of primer...




The Modelsvit VK-1 would make a nice model in its own right - maybe with a display stand?



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I've made a mistake with the VK-1 engine..... :doh::doh:


What I thought was flash on the joint between the front and rear of the annular flame cans is actually a prominent flange!!!!


I mistakenly sanded it off - so I have had to restore it on all the cans.....




This photos shows the flanges well:- http://www.aircraftengine.cz/Koblenz/slides/Klimov VK-1 (2).jpg


Meantime I'm about to start assembling the cockpit and intake trunking......





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A bit more progress........


Each of the jetpipes is assembled from two halves - with the seams sanded down they look good......note the detailed shock-cone inside the rear, longer, jetpipe....




There are only two engines! - the short one plugs into the one on the left, the middle one attaches to the detailed VK-1 front engine.


The exquisitly detailed ejection seats are each made up from FIVE parts - and they stunning examples of Modelsvits increasingly improving moulding.




The cockpit is also very detailed (note the twin throttle levers on the centre console).


I have painted it as per Modelsvit's instructions. Still to be added are the rudder pedals, control columns and seats...




I'm becoming more impressed with this kit as I build it, not only for the detailed parts, but the quality of the moulding is more delicate - and (I have just noticed) they now have the part numbers moulded on the sprues !!


More later.



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Despite all my best efforts to ruin it, plus my cack-handedness, the VK-1 jet engine has turned out OK - luckily it can't be seen inside the finished fuselage, unless you look closely up the intake......




With a little bit more care than I have given it - plus some superdetailing and a display stand - it could be made into a nice little model in its own right...




It could also double as a Rolls Royce Nene.



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A little more progress......


Nosewheel undercarriage bay and front VK-1 jet engine fitted inside the intake sidewalls - it's a tight fit! .....




The air for the front engine passes either side of the front undercarriage bay -
the air for the rear engine passes between the intake walls and outer skin, by-passing the cockpit tub.




Top view of the assembled cockpit tub, sidewalls, undercarriage bay and jet engine (hidden underneath the top fairing).... 




From front to rear - intake/cockpit assembly, upper rear cockpit decking, front engine 'pen nib' fairing, rear engine jetpipe, rear pen nib fairing.
The yellow tape is covering a couple of pieces of lead weight.
The two fuselage halves only just join - after a lot of 'fettling of the front assembly - scraping plastic away/sanding etc.





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 WOW... it seems that I haven't followed your builds for a long time now...


this is SUPERB.... looking mighty AWESOME. 


will keep tabs on it as I Gallivant around India.:clap2:



good work on the Cockpit et al...  :clap2:

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A bit more progress....


Fuselage halves glued together, starboard fin half and nose intake ring added.....




A first primer coat releveals a prominent join line along the top and bottom fuselage halves which must be eliminated.


The main wheel wells are 'boxed in' with four well-detailed parts........




With the wings and tailplanes attached, another primer coats reveals those joints that need filling/sanding/priming etc...




The underside - note the ventral exhaust for the front VK-1 jet engine.....





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I made a bit of a boo-boo with the wings :doh::doh:


After attaching them to the fuselage and once the glue had set, I discovered that they displayed a slight dihedral - not much but enough for you guys to spot!!!


There is no indication in Modelsvit's instructions, but the wings should have 1.5 deg anhedral (reduced from -3 deg on the first prototype when the third wing fence was added).


I ummed and aaahed - but in the end I couldn't live with the obvious mistake, so I took the drastic action of sawing through the upper wing joint and carefully bending the wings downwards :woot.gif:


I inserted plastic card shims into the resulting gaps to set the negative dihedral and filled the joint with glue - and then filler.


Once sanded smooth again - I am much happier with the results.........




The separate outer wings fences are added (the first prototype only had two per wing) - as are the slipper tanks and nose radome (filled with lead shot as per Modelsvit's instructions).


The cockpit detail is superb - as are the two ejection seats - I really haven't done it justice...




Once the one-piece canopy is attached, it will be ready for a first coat of flat aluminium......





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More progress ......


Modelsvit provide a set of self-adhesive masks for the cockpit canopy, gun blast areas, wheel hubs, aerials etc - and very useful they are, given the complex shape of the canopy frame....:woot.gif:


They are translucent rather than the thick white vinyl of previous kits - this makes them easier to apply (I think? - I'm still not sure).


Whatever, they went on beautifully and did a superb job...




The nose radome and intake ring were masked using Tamiya tape and a coat of Halfords 'Aluminium' sprayed on from a rattle can.




I use rattle cans a lot - the purists might wince - but I think it looks OK.... I masked off a few panels and buffed them up to add a bit of contrast.




The decals are applied (just 4 red stars - on the fin and wing undersides)... followed by a mist coat of Games Workshop 'Purity Seal' (Satin varnish) - after which the masking was removed...




The canopy had been dipped in Future - and despite all my best efforts to mess it up, it has turned out to be fantastic!




This is a great kit of an unusual subject and has to be the best yet from Modelsvit :worship::worship:


The cockpit interior is very comprehensive, the canopy is crystal clear and the canopy masking makes painting the framework a doddle - even I couldn't get it wrong.







I just need to add the undercarriage, airbrakes, jetpipes and a few aerials etc...... but I am chuffed to bits with it so far.



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Really nice work on the painting..I agree about the canopy masking!  Wow!


This is such an unusual aircraft...a fledgling of sorts, even...


I use rattle cans too.  Not to worry!

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