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Hobby boss RAF lynx 1/72 ,thats what the box said.So i ordered it ,arrived in two days. Champion.Got all the way to the end of building,so far so good no real fit issues,only a small bit of filler,Glass went in no problem,paint looked good ,yeah pretty good build, and get set for putting the decals on.Q trouble .Only two sets of decals and neither was for the RAF lynx.Instead they were decals for the royal Neitherland air force or the German marines.Bol lix!!!What to do>????I know paint it in green n grey camo and managed to find some decals from other builds.I dont know if our RAF does a lynx helicopter in this camo but i dont really care.Its finish,it goes well on my shelf,although it now looks like it has 10 coats of paint on it and a big Royal Airforce sticker on it.Oh well you live and learn.Onwards n upwards.

34870007692_7eb5373770_k.jpgIMG_1987 by skellitor59, on Flickr

34870010232_ce0d8deb64_k.jpgIMG_1990 by skellitor59, on Flickr

35033932195_0c89a143b1_k.jpgIMG_1993 by skellitor59, on Flickr

34993982136_d9d7ecd976_k.jpgIMG_1995 by skellitor59, on Flickr

34870009662_7960d41dc0_k.jpgIMG_1998 by skellitor59, on Flickr

35033931265_a0eb65de95_k.jpgIMG_1999 by skellitor59, on Flickr

34190329894_790691503a_k.jpgIMG_2002 by skellitor59, on Flickr

34190328984_cc33cf7480_k.jpgIMG_2006 by skellitor59, on Flickr

35033929015_c9ce4a0a0a_k.jpgIMG_2008 by skellitor59, on Flickr

34223690533_0fa8aa350d_k.jpgIMG_2010 by skellitor59, on Flickr


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The Royal Air Force was originally intended to receive Lynx but for whatever reason (politics, money, money and politics) never did.  Not sure if they were intended as light assault/infantry support or advanced trainers (to follow on from the Gazelle) but it's one of those less-often-explored branches of What-If? territory.  I really must get my pair of Airfix 1/48th AH7s finished, so thank you for sharing yours and initiating a bit of a KUTA I hope.

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