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1/48 DH Mosquito Two Stage Engine Nacelles for Tamiya!

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It's to my shame that it's taken me so long, but we are now very pleased to announce that we have, exclusive to Sovereign Hobbies, a healthy supply of 2 stage engine nacelle resin conversion sets for your 1/48 scale Tamiya de Havilland Mosquito kits by Pangolin Models (JasonC, as you may know him).




Everything is now ready except for the little cardboard folder-over thingimabobs with the label to go on the packaging, which we'll have ready within a week. These are available to order now and dispatches will begin by the 9th June 2017.


These sets are professionally cast in high quality resin, and come complete with separate cast resin 6-stack exhausts and optional photo etched brass grilles evident on the sides of some carburettor intakes. They are designed to be simple to fit and to remove the anxiety in cutting up perfectly good injection moulded kits by utilising existing panel lines on the Tamiya kit parts to locate the straight saw cuts.









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That's good news. I bought a set of these from Jason when he originally produced the set, yet to used, but the casting is top notch.



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2 hours ago, neilfgr2 said:

Do you sell the etch parts separately ??




Hi Neil, no we don't as it's just a tiny little fret and it was only some 2 stage models which had them. We've stocks for matching numbers of complete sets.

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These nacelles have proven very popular attracting customers from around the globe and what seemed like a good stock is almost all gone - so we've commissioned another production run so if we do run out (which I do expect) there will be more back in soon.


A very sincere "well done" to Jason for doing this!

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Hi Jamie


I note that your web site had "sold out" next to these just when I needed some.  Any idea as to when, or if, you will ever have any back in stock ?  If yes - put me down for a couple of sets please.




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Hi Dennis,

I have the master back here to have a small repair done to it. I will also mark a pilot hole for the propeller boss to help future customers be sure they're drilling it on the centre.


I've got 2 weeks of unemployment scheduled over Christmas (long story and not at all interesting) so will hopefully get it done then. And the Beaufighter TF.X tailplanes and elevators...


Casting usually takes about 6 weeks.


Best regards,



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On 4/12/2019 at 7:12 AM, Richard502 said:

The website says the Pangolin Two Stage Nacelles will be "coming soon". Can you give a ballpark figure when that will be? And do they fit the Revell kit as well? 


Hi Richard,


It requires bespoke coding to make the stickers on the webstore say different things and most of our produce is paint which is coming soon - so that's what we've defaulted to.


I have the masters for the Mosquito nacelles back here but all things Sovereign Hobbies became priority #onehundredbillionandseven after the fire so I never sent them away for recasting. The 3rd batch so sales slow down a lot and as you'll imagine it's expensive to do so we need to build up the coffers a bit! If Perth goes well at the end of the month I may send them off to have another batch cast.


I haven't tried them on a Revell kit, so it would be safer to assume they won't fit very well. I'm sure with sufficient hassle they could be made to fit and maybe by pure luck they would fit well, but I feel it would be irresponsible of me to recommend them for use on a Revell kit in the absence of actually testing.

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Hi Jamie,

thank you for the update! The stash is huge enough to keep me busy, so waiting is no problem. I can not begin to imagine what a hassle the fire was, and do hope you have gotten over the mess.


P.S.: Your advice on airbrushing techniques caused the biggest jump in my learning curve for ages. Many thanks!

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