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Bandai 144th AT-AT

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Hello again. Taking a break from the tiny 144 star fighters to start on this AT-AT. Ive seen a few of these being built, and couldn't wait to start mine!


Here is the base coat over the preshade. I used Tamiya NATO black as the preshade, and used Tamiya Light Grey as the base coat.





Then I gave everything a gloss varnish, followed by an oil wash.




Once the oil has completely dried, everything will get a second coat of gloss varnish, followed by some more oil streaks in different colors. I'm liking the way its coming together so far. Ill try to keep the weathering subtle so it matches the scale of this thing. Thanks for looking!

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20 hours ago, Pete in Lincs said:

Yes, nice weathering.


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Hello again! I got some more oil weathering on this awesome little walker, as well as a matte varnish.




It came out a little darker than my original vision, but I like the used and dirty look. That's how I imagine all my Star Wars vehicles anyway. I took it outside to my patio for some natural lighting shots. The sunlight makes it look a little lighter, and closer to the movie stills.







I think ill stop there with the weathering, however, I really feel the need to add some snow-like effects in small areas. I'm not quite sure how to go about it tho. I have white Tamiya Weathering Master powder that I thought about dabbing into some of the raised areas of the feet. I also thought about just some white paint sponged on in small areas. Any thoughts or techniques for snow are welcome! Thanks for looking! I'm still on the fence about the base. I have the 144th AT-ST and Snow speeder combo ready to paint, and id like to put them together with this guy. Might have to make my own snow covered base. Stay tuned!

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5 hours ago, Hunter Rose said:

Now thats a nice looking at-at!

Thanks! I appreciate the kind words!

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That has come out very nicely.


The base, here's something I did years ago.

Take a piece of Perspex, scuff/scratch both sides.

Paint the underside white in a light spray coat.

You should now have what looks like ice from the top.

Add snow etc to taste.

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That's looking excellent


On 2017-6-9 at 19:07, salshred said:

Any thoughts or techniques for snow are welcome!


Wilder make a snow paste that works well. I've used it previously on a base for an X-Wing. At the time I thought the texture was too heavy, but in hindsight I think it worked well, and should be good for small deposits on the feet, legs etc.



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