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Question - How do you clean your sprues

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23 hours ago, BIG X said:

acrylics by any chance...


Nope, only ever use enamels, think I'm one of the few people left alive who can't get on with acrylic!

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50+ years of modeling, I don't clean sprues. Tried it once and didn't see the point...unless I wore gloves the entire build. What's the fun in that?


I paint with acrylics. Prime with Tamiya rattle can. Expensive, but always works, never disappointed. 

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This week I have been knocking together an Airfix 1/48 Hurricane MKI - I see now what everyone means about not bothering to clean the parts.  Mine is now covered in fine sanding dust and probably a million greasy finger marks.  The fuselage and wings are now together and it is ready for the main paint job - so I'm off to maplins for some IPA - to give it a soft wipe down before priming - wish me luck.


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