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Hobbyboss 1:72 Hawker Hurricane IIc

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Another completion as I try to keep the momentum up after a mojo revival in the spring. 


This is the Hobbyboss Hurricane. I had one left in the stash and decided to complete it. Our engineer colleagues don't much care for the kit since it has an undernourished nose. But it was ok to hang some smaller aircraft decals on. In this case the sheet was DK Decals 72-022 and the markings are for 352 Yugoslav Squadron of the RAF based in Libya in 1944. 


This is completed aircraft #473 (6 aircraft, 2 ordnance, 4 vehicles in 2017), finished in May of 2017.






As before, I'd like to invite everyone to come take a look at the last couple of months worth of revitalized 72 Land blog. Link in my sig line below. 

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Great marking choice on appropriate camo-historical! Like it much. Thanks for sharing.

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