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My amateur photo setup

Kris B

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Hi Lads,


Here on the forum we showing our work to other modellers. Our model is judged by what can be see on the photo. Today I would show you my photo set up. It is far from professional studio, but maybe somebody find it handy. That how it looks:




The top lamp is typical one which lots of modellers have. Two on the sides is cheapest I get, think there cost £4. The bulbs are 35W 5400K day light. My camera is nothing special. Bridge one - Fuji FinePix HS30 EXR. My typical settings is 'A' - aperture with f8.0. Camera is on the tripod and I have delay set for 2 sec. This allow camera to stabilise before the photo is taken. 


Someone may ask, why I need so many lamps? Well, lets see some examples.

This is photo taken with all three operate:




This one has lamp on the right hand side off:




Another one have no lamp on the left hand side:




On this photo the light is only above the model:




And finally at the back of the model:




All the photos were taken with the same camera settings. As you can see the lack of the light create lots of shadows and even changing the colour of our model.

That actually all about it, enjoy your hobby. Thank you.

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Good photography makes a real difference to how a model is received on the forums I've noticed and adds a great deal to the presentation. I've done next to nothing about it of course but I plan to sort myself a little photography station and this looks ideal for my needs. Thank you for posting.

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On 2017-5-20 at 22:55, Kris B said:

It is far from professional studio


Far from a professional studio yes... but that doesn't matter as you know or found out it is the light that makes a photo.


Nice simple and small setup... i'm jealous, i had a setup for some product photography with similar lights but it was huge.

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