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"SepiaSpit": A small practice piece


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Hello all,


I've been working on and off on this one for the past few months and I've decided to call it done.


Admittedly, it's not the greatest rendition of a Spitfire the world has ever seen. I did it primarily as a practice piece to get back into the feel of working with inks, which I have not worked with in a very long time though used to regularly. I also used it to practice working in a monotone style.


I'm reasonably pleased with it as an exercise considering how long it's been since I've worked routinely with ink as a primary medium.


It's on paper and about 90% ink with touches of acrylic paint and coloured pencil in the mix. It takes up the bulk of an A4 sheet of paper:




For comparison, here's a photo I took of a Spitfire that I used as a basis for the piece:




Any and all comments are welcomed.

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I like you spit here and I like your monotone style, is it water colours? If so it's a dam tricky and unforgiving medium. It doesn't allow a single error. I little tip to help with the perspective, is to mirror your image and check your trouble areas.



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Thanks for the kind comments.


Nils: My primary medium was drawing inks, just as unforgiving as watercolours in many ways.



Not sure about my next subject, but it probably won't be aviation related. I have a picture I took of a pair of perching kingfishers during a river boat ride not so long ago. The photograph is just shy of presentable, but I thought it might makea good basis to do some artwork around.

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