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Scratch Built Lancia D50

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Hi All


Well, I'm considering this one done!   Just as well as I was getting tired of looking at it.  


It's not to any known scale ... just the same as all my other car builds ... 9 1/2 inches.   There's a build log here if anyone wants to see how we got here.


I'm not much of a painter I'm afraid.   Anyone who has looked in on my build will know that modelling for me is mostly about "the process" ... how am I going to make this and what will I use?   So, a word of caution, don't bother counting the rivets or the spokes as I don't pay much attention to that kind of thing LOL!!    I wouldn't be the least surprised to find that every wheel has a different number of spokes!    But don't bother telling me :lalala: I won't listen!!

Thanks for looking though.










Front 1s




















Other scratch builds ...


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1 hour ago, keefr22 said:

That's a stunner Frank! I love the colour too, & I think the paint looks superb with just the right lustre for a race car of that period - really top job!!




5 hours ago, hendie said:

marvelous.   I love the color


Hi guys


Thanks for the comments.   Much appreciated.   The colour shown above is pretty close to the actual colour of the model but I really had to jump through hoops to get there!!    My camera (a decent quality Nikon) insisted that the car was "Ferrari" red and the last build pics (making the mirrors) show what I mean.   It's a known problem that red is notoriously difficult to capture correctly.


I have a good photo editing program that I ran each shot through to get it to the right shade but it dramatically affected the shadows/brightness and gave a slightly surreal, dare I say artisitic, effect that I quite like.   Anyway I felt it was better to reflect the correct colour I chose than to worry about other side effects.


That's my story and I'm sticking to it :P






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