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Hi Guys,


I'm not sure, as these are tank crew, whether I ought to be asking here or in the AFV area... But here goes anyway. I'm building a Meng Achzarit kit, and I want to add three crew figures, for which I'm using the Meng tank crew - which are very much better looking figures than I'd expected. I'm not new to painting figures, but it's been a while. I'll probably stay simple, and use three (or perhaps five) tones on each area - a shadow, a base, and a highlight, which I may blend with the use of a drying retarder (I'm using Vallejo Model Color). Anyway, the reason for asking is that I'm not sure which colours to use - the box has 'suggestions', which I was going to use, but when I look at the colours, they're going to end up looking nothing like photos I've seen. Has anyone got any suggestions for a starting point for uniform colour, webbing, etc? Flesh, boots, and other 'ordinary stuff', aren't a problem!




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