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It's been a while, but I've finally finished a ship!


This is a scratch build of HMS Jamaica that I kicked off about 2 1/2 years ago, but then stalled while I collected a few accessories and brass sets. My aim was to model her configuration in December 1943 during the Battle of NorthCape.  Here's the rest of the photos:

























And a couple of shots alongside my HMS Sheffield, also at both North Cape nad Berents Sea battles:









I'll try to be a bit quicker off the mark with HMSs Belfast,  DoY and Norfolk...




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As an occasional browser of maritime modelling, I have to say that is fantastic. Everything about the model, including the way that you've done the water, is first class. Nice one.



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Scratch-built!!!! Literally jaw dropping in every aspect! 

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Those are just sooo good the B&W photos of them together are stunning and just so detailed





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Jamacia  yourself?   :coat:


seriously, that is one of the finest model warships I've ever seen :clap:


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That is phenomenal work, the build is brilliant to create one of the classic British cruiser classes, but the finishing is absolutely top rate, great subtlety in the shading and weathering, and displayed in my favourite method of an at sea diorama - just brilliant all round, well done!

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When I see models of this quality I'm stuck for words. I want to offer my respect to someone who has clearly devoted themselves to striving for the very best, achieving  models of great quality, that are a joy to look at and bring a real sense of the situation they portray. Nice one :) 

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Absolutely beautiful work. I am totally in awe of the quality that you show here. I would like to have a go at something like this but don't have the skills at this stage.

Any chance of a work in progress next time? I would find that very helpful indeed.


Thanks for sharing.





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I pass through this section once in a while just to see what fellow modellers are building, and once in a while something exceptional pops up....this is one of them. Beautifully built and exceptionally well displayed. Congrats!



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