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Northern Skyhawks


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A few pics from a quick visit at Wittmund air base on last week.

The Discovery Air A-4N Skyhawk are acting as target towing a/c for the seven Austrian Luftstreitkräfte Eurofighters currently deployed on Air Practice Camp in Lower Saxony.













With all my thanks to Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 71 Richthofen - Stab S1 InFü/Pr/ÖA

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A good set of shots Homebee. I can never understand why they can't be persuaded to attend RIAT.


Thanks for posting.



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Superb! My favourite is the Eurofighter in the HAS. I think the shelters with the grass and bushes covering them housing an aircraft in are really evocative and remind me of the pictures we used to see during the cold war.


Thanks for posting these.

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Nice set of images another vote for RIAT !!



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I never thought I'd see an A-4 with the maple leaf on the tail.  Thank you for posting the excellent photos.


What the the pod with an intake under the fuselage on three of the aircraft?  ECM pod?  Generator?



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