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Polish MiG-21MFs over Lask AB **FINISHED**

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Hi All,


My plan for this Group Build is to use the 1/144 Eduard MiG-21MF Dual Combo kit and display a pair of Polish 21s over their home base of Lask:





Not sure yet exactly which era or livery to set the models in but will probably build one of the pair in the two tone grey low viz camouflage as per kit instructions (circa 2002).


Planning to glue an extract from Google maps onto a base and then use Perspex rod to depict the planes in flight.







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Just a text update as Photo****** is going round in circles today - every time I click on Upload it asks me to log-in and then when I click on Upload again .........:banghead:


Have now got both fuselages closed and am working on the landing gear doors - these are a poor fit in the closed position.  The door that attaches to the u/c leg is too short and leaves a gap at the outer end (nothing that can't be filled) and the doors that hinge in the centre aren't much better.  Or perhaps I'm having an off day!


On the plus side have got a print from Google Earth for my plinth and ordered some clear Perspex rod off that well known auction site.


Hope to get pics up in the next couple of days.





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Time to post those missing photos:


First the control panel - cruel at this magnification!


Secondly the fuselage halves


And finally a closer view of a cockpit



Cockpit painted with Akan, intake cone with Gunze H32 (as per instructions but looks too bright) and exhaust interior Humbrol metalcote polished steel.



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Basic construction is now complete and here they are posed together:



Next stage is to prime (when it stops raining) and then check seams etc


Some of the parts were REALLY fiddly to apply - more so than airliners in this scale.

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On ‎30‎/‎07‎/‎2017 at 3:36 AM, Basilisk said:


I am afraid so. Your airframes look very cleanly build for 1/144 scale models :thumbsup:


Cheers, Peter

Thanks Peter - although most of my recent models have been 144th scale, airliners tend to be a little bit larger.  Building such small models has been a bit of a challenge!


Both airframes have been painted this weekend and hopefully decals will go on later in the week:


Firstly 9107 which was repainted in 2000 to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of 10th PLM and survived until all Polish Mig-21s were withdrawn in early 2003.  Now preserved at Krakow air museum



And 7809 in typical grey camouflage circa 2002



and of course both aircraft taken from the "chase" plane



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