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Bf 109F-4 - the winter is...leaving (1/48, Eduard) - shots heavy

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  Hey guys, here is my latest work - the kit is very nice Eduard 1/48 Bf 109F-4. It was finished in a bit over a week - on very last minute i have decided to go and see the Moson kit show this year, as it was my dream for some time already. And because i did not want to go there with empty hands, i had to build something.. :)





  The kit is amazing, goes together realy well and all problems vere caused just by myself and the limited time i had. I have used the Profipack boxing, so i had some basic PE sheet and canopy masks from the box,on top of that i bought the Eduard Brassin flaps - the flaps in the kit have sadly some sink marks (i have noticed it on the G-6 kit earlier too, which is using the same sprues with little parts) and also the Brassin flaps have some very nice details added.


  Because of the rushing i did not make any WIP thread around, so hope you wont mind some WIP shots :)


  I have added a bit of details on the cockpit sidewalls - mainly in the front areas as these were totaly empty (but as you ll see later, these front areas of the pit are almost not at all visible after the fuselage is glued together).






   I wanted to create some textures for the basic camouflage as i was not sure how many of it ll be visible later (did not know how much of the white i m going to remove, but on my next winter camouflage model i m going to skip this step as totaly nothing of this is visible later, so it is just waste of time/paint.. + so many paint layers effectively lowers the visible details later. But when i have already put the time in, here we go with the shots :)
















  The original idea was to make the winter camo scheme and also some snowy base. As a part of it, i wanted to make the canopy glass icy/frozen from inside as i have seen it like that on some photos. So i tried some stuff for re-creating ice on it. At first it looked ok, but in the end.. well.. simply it did not turn as good as i hoped. The snow on the base also did not look good to me, so i have scraped the idea for now...  I ll need to practice and try more and more :) 




Then the fun with Washable white started (in my case from AK751 as it was in stock in local hobby store). The effects you can achieve with this kind of paint is very nice, also the effect depends on how long you let the white paint dry, before you going to wash it off. Long drying time makes the paint goes off in some kind of chips, after short drying time the paint is washed off in sort of "fuzzy" way


  First layer of washable white, washed off after long dry time




  Second layer of washable white, washed off after short dry time




  Third layer: chipping flow + dusty layer of flat "dirty" white, chipped down after few minutes, followed by brown-ish filters (mainly on wing roots where the crew would be moving)




 And here it is in the very end :)









































































 I m sorry for so many shots, but you know me guys, i cant decide which shot to use, so i use more of them... :D And trust me, i have used only like half of the images i have made.. :)


 Hope you like the result and thanks for watching guys :) Have a great day.



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Feeling an overpowering need to play IL2 Sturmovik after seeing this,excellent winter weathering on the most elegant of the 109 family,good call with the removed wheel covers too.

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Absolutely brilliant. One of the best 109s I've seen.


I think the underside of the fuselage would be a lot dirtier though!

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You mentioned you took it to Mosonshow? Did you also entered this model to the contest or was it diplayed at the club tables? I don't remember to see it at the contest area. (I was member of the jury in one of the master aircraft category)

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Hey guys, thanks a lot to all of you for your nice warm responses, cheers :)


Ian - you might be right, although the bottom of the fuselage is a bit dirty by sprinkled mud and so, on the shots its not so good visible, but it could be a lot dirtier, yea :) but in the time pressure i was, i did not have time for more :(


To Grab - yup, i took the model to Mosonshow, i had no intentions to win any awards, i just wanted to take a part in the show :) As i m not considering myself master yet by far, i was in the Hobby category (the table on the right front side from entrance to the main hall).

In the master aircraft category it had to be totaly hard to chose the best models, so many great subjects there!

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Great and different finish on an iconic subject


I really like it


It takes me 4 months to make an average 1/72 kit........you amaze me!:D

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Hi Wolwe. Hope you and Mrs Wolwe are well. Great to see you back with another build and what a brilliant one!! Stunning modelling, painting and weathering. Very well done.


Kind regards,


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 Thanks guys, as usualy, you are just too kind to me :) 


 Stix, thanks a lot, me and Mrs.Wolwe are both having some good time, she was with me on the Moson show and i believe she have enjoyed the trip as much as i did :) This weekend i have night shifts, so hope i ll have some time to check progress on your builds (and ofc other builds too:) ) . Cheers :) 

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Thanks a lot guys, i m realy happy you like it :) 


To grab - for the oil marks and streaks i have used "Fresh engine oil" by Ammo (AMIG1408). It keeps the streaks fresh and "glossy". You can thin it with white spirit to get more opaque result, sometimes i m adding black/dark brown oil paint into the mix to get darker results. I m also using "Fuel stains" (AMIG1409), which leaves slightly different result. Or you can mix these two products together, add oils and such to get the wanted shade/look of the streaks :)

(There should be a lot more streaking and dirt on the underside though as i m looking at it now :(  )

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