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Help creating wood effects


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I need a masterclass with pictures if possible on creating wood effects for rifles and tool handles and shafts.


I normally use enamel paints but would like to learn to use different media if need be


thanks in advance



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Plenty of tuturials on Youtube..........choose your preference............heres a few to be going on with :-








Good luck with your search..................

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HI Cromwell,

I haven't looked at the links supplied above, but I have watched quite a few others.

Here's a few tips that you might find useful, if they aren't mentioned in the links.

Firstly, you can't beat real wood for realism!

I use coffee stirring sticks for things like floorboards, beams, rafters etc. Gluing several sticks together to make thicker beams is useful because you can score and split the sticks to make damaged, rotten, or snapped beams. And the best thing about coffee stirring sticks is that you can pick them up for free from most café, restaurants etc. or from the floor outside!

I also buy balsa wood sticks and sheets from hobby shops. Balsa wood is light in weight and soft, but it is actually a hardwood. That means that the grain is very tight and so is more realistic in scale than say pine which is a softwood and has a more open grain.

But I will also simulate wood using plastic, either in sheet form, or for beams. I generally score the grain into the wood using a very sharp scalpel. Then using a wood colour as a base coat, I wet and dry several times using a mix of darker and lighter colours over the top... the darker colours being washes, the lighter colours dry brushed.

Watch the videos, practice you 'wood effects' and you'll find that it's actually quite easy,  but a very satisfying and enjoyable part of model-making.


Good luck,



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